What is the best book you've ever read?

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I like Dan Brown's books, I have read Lost Simbol, Angels and Demons and Digital Fortress.
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I've read "The Zahir" by Paulo Coelho.
But i like read some books by Jane Austen. This Author show us the reality of the English society but it uses a complicated vocabulary.
I try to focus on historic books.. I like to read books that makes me grow up , do you understand? The last and great book that i read was`` karl marx was a satanist``? by richard wurmbrand , an romenian pastor tortured by the communist soldiers in the 70` times. In this book , the author shows many evidences of karl marx and the satanic practices , where we can conclude the relactions of satanism and karl marx.. An amazing book that want to spread for everyone who wants know more about history.
The best book I've ever read was Les Miserables, written by Victor Hugo.This is a story about a man called Jean Valjean, who was imprisioned for had been stolen a bread and when he get free he knows a bishop called Monsenhor Benvindo.This meeting changed all Jean Valjean's life, who only knew the coldness of human's society and for the first time he was receveid with kindness.This is an amazing book and there are many good thoughts of Victor Hugo about God,politics and human values.
I could not think about just one book. I love books, I have lots! But the best ones are: Harry Potter (series), The Lord of the Rings (series), all books of Shakespeare, all books of Nicholas Sparks.
The best book I have ever read.... is a "Trilogy" of 5 Books called The Hitchhicker's Guide To The Galaxy. It's a Sci-FI/Comedy collection who tells the story of Arthur Dent, the last survivor from the Earth's destruction, traveling across the Galaxy. Laughed my guts out reading them xD
Talks about politics,economics, human nature, all with a pretty good sense of humor.
One of the most genius things I've ever read.
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That's pretty hard... Let me see I like Harry Potter - the seven books...(if you've never read the British version you have no right to say OK!!!)
Dan Brown - that's not documentary, but in terms of fiction it's nice...
I love epics The lord of the Rings, the original in English, is amazing...
But my favorite is Ramses (five books witten by an egyptologist)...
A unique masterpiece!!
The best book I have read is "1808" by Laurentino Gomes.

That's a book which should be study in all scholls of Brazil, because it tells a part of the brazilian history which the most brazilians don't know or know only some aspects.

By the way, the book makes the history seems easy to study and tells what is important about that important date for the brazilian history.
The Lord of the Rings, surely.
I've read many books, but this was the best, I think it better than the movie.
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I need to say... I read "How to talk with girls" but in portuguese :(
This book was written by an American Child, his name is Alec Greven. It is a little book and is very interesting.
I think that this book in English is good to improve your reading. I recommend. :)