What is the best method of improving oral communication?

Well, I have difficulty speaking English. What is the best method of improving oral communication?
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If you don't know anyone to chat in English with, try watching movies and TV series with English subtitles... pay attention to how the words are pronounced and then try to copy it; besides that, you can listen to music while reading their lyrics and then, when you think you can handle it, sing along! :D
These are the best ways I know to improve your pronunciation and also learn a lot of expressions.

Good luck!
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Good tip renatokd, but when you are a shy girl or boy this is not enough, cope with your shame of talk and speak to someone is hard, it becomes so hard to do it when people are pressing you, thereafter if you got overcome yours difficulties and learned how cope with your problems you'll be in the path to be successful.

Bella I agree what with renatokd said: You can improve your english watching TV, Series, Listening to music, and more you should get friends on the internet, so you can talk to them always you can by Msn, Skype, or phone if you want.

See you around.
I think audiobooks are very nice, even more if you have the book.
While you are listening, you can read.

But what are your problems? You don't know how to pronounce words or organize your ideas?