What is the correct use of the subjects?


It's my first post and I have a question...

Sometimes when I write I get confused with the subject's use, for example:

"I woke up about 7:00 o'clock, I had breakfast, I caught my things and I went to the work."

Is it correct to repeat the subject "I"? What would be the correct form? Is there some grammatical rule for this?

I would like to congratulate the excellent blog. ;)


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fgsacco 2

When you're talking about consecutive actions and it isn't going to cause any confusion you can neglect the subject, let us pick your sentence as an example, I'd write it this way:

- "I woke up about 7 o'clock, had breakfast, caught my things and went to the work."

Hi Fabio!

Thank you for the answer! You were simple and objective. :D