What is the hardest aspect of English for you to learn?

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I think speaking and writing is definitely the hardest aspect for intermediate like me, because you have to had a good vocabulary, well as well leave your shyness by side and you must to think in english to write and speak. But I think we need to pratice more and more, sometime we'll write or speak wrong, but is the only way to learn.
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I'm having some trouble to improve my vocabulary.... Recently I started to read books in english (started with "a song of Ice and fire book 3" cause we don't have it available in portuguese yet) and I notice that there are a lot of word that I don't know, that I've never seen... (describing places, cloths, people...). It seems I can't learn more words! :(
It's so difficult to me speaking or writing complex or compound sentences. As I can't practice my spoke every day, my pronunciation is not so good. And when I have to write, I make many mistakes in how spell some words. Because of this, I always have to look at a dictionary or a translator for write correctly.
But I know that for I write and speak correctly, I have to practice a lot. So, when I'm working, I used to read many texts in english and look at a EE site. :D
Just this simple task of writing a tiny text it's hard for me. I understand that only by practicing I'll enhance this ability. So I'm making of this answer my very first daily homework.

The hardest aspect for me is to think the way a native would think and not the way we form sentences in portuguese.
Pronunciation, especially the vowels: pan/pen, leave/live, etc. Surprinsingly, I didn't have much ploblem with the consonants, not even with the infamous TH.
Hi there!
Due to the fact that I never had any formal lesson in english, I've been had hard times with almost all aspects of the language.
I've been trying to study by myself since I was a teenager and, nowadays, I'm using Ronald Murphy books to cover some gaps in my knowledge.
I can read almost everything (since the begin of year I read five books in english) and, in the past year, I travelled to EUA to improve my listening. This really worked in a lot of aspects, I can understand almost everything in regular TV shows, documentaries and such things, but I don't feel confortable in a lot of situations.
I hope that, with all my efforts, in a near future do a test, like CAE or Toeffel, to certify my English.

Hi guys!
To me the most difficult thing is the vocabulary to write good texts. My listening is acceptable and my speak is nice. But my texts isn't good. I need to know how to write formal texts, because I write a lot of documents (I study Administration/Business) so the correct write is very necessary.
This exercise in Fórum to answer the questions is helping me so much. I hope that in few months I can write better than now. ;)
Hi, I have been reading the posts of many students, so I have observed that they commit mistakes because they are talking and writing as they talk and write in their native language (Brazilian Portuguese); in English the words has another order on sentence, so they commit the mistakes. If they had this aspect of the English language on their minds, they would committed fewer mistakes.
Thanks! :)
To develop writing and talking skills is the most difficult to me.
I think my listenning is intermediate, so is my reading.

But when it comes to talk and/or write, I usually make mistakes.
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Hey guys!
No doubt about it, the hardest thing about English for me is speaking. When I start a conversation, it seems that the words simply disappear from my mind, I guess it is because of the insecurity. Writing for me is a little bit easier, cause it doesn't involve the timidity.
Anyway, hope this forum helps me improve my english.
Nice "meeting" you all!

See ya!