What is the hardest aspect of English for you to learn?

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I guess the hardest aspect of English for me is talking.
Most of my knowledge comes from watching movies, listening to music and playing games, so I didn't have a lot of practice in speaking as I had in other aspects.
A lot of times my pronunciation is way off and I have trouble sounding natural.
I started to practice with a group of friends at work and noticed some improvement, but I still have a long way to go.
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I dont even know how will I start practicing this.
Hello everyone.

I would say that my 'speaking' is terrible and I have difficulty to learn it, perhaps I don't have a good pronunciation or many words to express myself in a good way. I'm losing a good opportunity to teach English where I am taking English course, just beacuse of fear of failure. Summarizing, I really want to improve it.

For me the hardest aspect of learn English is everything!lol

Speaking and improve vocabulary. OMG, I get lost with the grammar: prepositions...It's seems to be silly, but a lot isn't easy to me.
I'm sure the first step to get through is loving the language. I love the English idiom. I hope get to 100% of knowledge
In my mind is "in, on and at'' and ''syllabes''.
Learning a language is not an easy job. You should study as much as you can. There are a lot of aspects in English language that are difficult. I gonna say just one: phrasal verbs. There are many phrasal verbs and it's really hard to memorize all.
I have more difficulty speaking in English . I do not have a large vocabulary and I have trouble with pronunciation.
For me is organize some phrases. Sometimes when i'm talking with someone in english, I pay attention in which words I connect to explain what i'm talkin. But, when i'm just typing a text, I consult a Translates Program for understand what is or not correct.

Anyway, I have a little difficulty for organize a text by myself without any help.
I think that my greatest weakness is the "listening". I have many difficulties in understanding what someone is talking, mainly when the people speak too fast.
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Separating syllables . I still don't know how to do it properly.