What is your favorite city or region in Brazil and why?

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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12350 1 22 206
Born in Três Corações-MG but moved on to Salvador-BA and then on to Açu-RN and then down to Barra de Santa Rosa-PB where, as a little kid, I'd clearly remember seeing sandy streets. It didn't take too long to move yet further down to Recife-PE and then back again to Salvador-BA. From Salvador-BA I finally landed on Caruaru-PE and then, after a bit of shuttling between Olinda-PE and Jaboatão-PE, finally rested in Recife-PE, yes one more time. My family moved more than a lolipop in a toothless mouth.

I can call any non-violent place home or regard it as a fav place as long as it allows me to move around without getting mugged or murdered. I got mugged three times already. Unfortunately. But not murdered, thank God.
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Avatar do usuário RenanKenplers 55 1
Needless to mention about where I live, Gabi did it for me!

My favourite place indeed is Bertioga, i love its beaches and there are so many things you can enjoy simultaneously, such as the hot weather, beach games, volleyball. It's always good to find a place where you can have the quietness of it and get along with the active nightlife, that is, depending on the season you're in. In a whole, it's perfect 'cause you never get bored, unless it's raining, and if it happens, forget buddie, go home and that's it.

my favorite city or region in brazil is bonito_ms, the beautiful city.
Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2170 7 53
Gramado has an outstanding landscape and a great atmosphere. It's really enjoyable!
Don't waste an opportunity to know this city.

Avatar do usuário Arandir 60 2
Actually, I don't have any favotire city or region in Brazil perhaps, I like so much of mine because it is where I live.
I would like to know other cities and regions in Brazil and I hope to do it someday.
my favorite city in brazil is Recife, because is very beautiful, and has beachs amazing, is big and has very malls, i dont know many cities, but Recife is certainly very nice.
I really enjoy living in Limeira/SP besides it´s not such an interesting city, but I loved to know Curitiba, it´s an amazing city and the cleannest place that I´ve ever seen... talking about love... I prefer Bahia, because is the place I met my husband, so it´s really a special place to me ;)
I live in São Paulo, for me SP is the best city of Brazil. This city has all, restaurants, parks, stores, theathers, malls and people are very receptives.
Avatar do usuário maryziller 305 1 1
I like rio de Janeiro because it has an excellent math institute, IMPA, which stands for "Institute of math pure and applied", but in Portuguese, of course.
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Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
It's Camboriú city, at Santa Catarina state...

Because it's a very good beach. Besides very good beaches there, there are a lot of good shoppings, shops, and other very pleasant places do go. There are also a lot of beautiful places to go, such as a hill where we go by car and at the top, we can see all the city up there...