What is your favorite city or region in Brazil and why?

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A love The Minas Gerais state because the weather conditions, no violence an people. It's a great place to rest and live.
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In my opinion, my favorite city is Maringa / Pr. Because a recent research shows that Maringaense they have a good life quality, besides, that it is a standstill city to live there and Maringa is more and more growing and bringing its progress, highlighting in the whole of the Brazil.
uuuuuuuaaaaaaiiiiiiiii ssssssssôôôôô!!!!!
São Paulo. Everything is so near here and every important event happens here. Big concerts, football matches... I couldn't choose an other place.
I have already lived in many cities and have learned the main features of each one. Campo Grande has the serenity of a country place in spite of being the main city of the state. Recife has a wonderful shore, a nice weather and a people that love parties. And now I'm loving Brasília, an organized, clean, beautiful and nice city. That's it. Bye
I love BA, there is a very pleasant climate
Brasilia of course,

>First, I´ve been living here since I was born!

>Second , That´s the principal city of our country!

>Thrid, We know a lotta of people, being or not at the night clubs!

But in the end I wanted to know all the cities! :lol:

PS: please don´t get me wrong or rudy.
My favorite city is where I live. I really enjoy to live in a place where I know well.
I love Brasília.
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Rio de Janeiro.

Because there is beautiful beachs, Christ the Redeemer, the Sugar Loaf Mountain, etc.
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I love my city, São Paulo here is amazing, the city has a little of everything
I've already been twice times in Porto Alegre and I love the city too. One day i want go to Natal, because seems a beautiful place.