What is your favorite city or region in Brazil and why?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3960 1 9 90
Question: What is your favorite city or region in Brazil and why?


- I like countryside cities where I can enjoy nature and rest;
- I loved the awe-inspiring atmosphere of Florianopolis;
- Sao Paulo: it’s quite exciting to live in such a big, noisy, rainy, vibrant, welcoming, fascinating city.

Now it's your turn!
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Avatar do usuário Lu Interact 40
- I love Paraty, the combination of colonial architecture, luscious forest and clear blue sea make it a perfect romantic getaway.

- There is a small B&B tucked away in the middle of the forest next to a waterfall. It only has 5 rooms and there is a wood sauna from where you can jump into the waterfall to cool down.

- I love Brazil as it is dotted with amazing places like Paraty.
Avatar do usuário Alessandro 3355 3 11 79
I live in Montes Claros/MG, of course this is my favourite city. Here it is hot and sunny almost the whole year, I have no problem with the weather, by the way, I like my city’s weather.

There are almost 500,000 inhabitants here, so my city isn’t that small, eh?
I live in Florianopolis, and I think it's a great place to live on, with all the beaches and places to visit. The city has a problem with trafic jam around downtown in the rush hour. This is happening because of the quick increasing population (around 400 thousand) and bad public transportation system. Besides, SC in general terms is a great place and I'd never thought about moving out. This is my favorite region.
Avatar do usuário Gabi 785 1 1 15
I'm from São Bernardo, and I don't like it that much. Luckily it's not so hot as in Rio de Janeiro and fresher comparing to the stuffed wheather of São Paulo. But still, horrible traffics jam, crowded streets, buses...everything. Annoying!
All in all , not everything is rubbish ther, it's not that bad and you can always find amusing programmes to go and cultural events.
It's near to São Paulo, which is, by the way, much more interesting than São Bernardo. However, São Paulo is ever more chaotic and busier.
I think I would like to go to Floripa rsrs
Avatar do usuário Alessandro 3355 3 11 79
Hi Gabi,

I agree with you. As Eduardo told us, Floripa seems to be a good place to live.
I've never been to Floripa, but I'd like to.

I live in São Paulo but I love Recife.
My people(I'm from there) is very receptive and they are always happy. There it has
beautiful beaches like "Porto de Galinhas", "Praia dos Carneiros",
"Calhetas", etc. I love it. Do you know it?
Avatar do usuário murilo91 260 1 6
I live in Bauru SP, I love this state so much, it's exciting!!!!!!
I like the countryside too!
Avatar do usuário Renato Baroli 1470 5 30
This is my first post here! Sorry if i make any gramatical or other kind of mistakes...
I really love the south of the country, more specifically Gramado, RS, because of its weather, the beauty and the very polited people.
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I have been in Gramado, Renato, it's really a beaultiful place there is look like Europe, but what I really like it's big cities like São Paulo, when I live.
I also like places where have nature, like Fortaleza or Florianópolis.