What is your favorite city or region in Brazil and why?

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Question: What is your favorite city or region in Brazil and why?


- I like countryside cities where I can enjoy nature and rest;
- I loved the awe-inspiring atmosphere of Florianopolis;
- Sao Paulo: it’s quite exciting to live in such a big, noisy, rainy, vibrant, welcoming, fascinating city.

Now it's your turn!
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I don't have a favorite city, but I think when I visit Rio de Janeiro, it will be my favorite city, because It is so beautiful.

I love Curitiba, i born here and i live here!!! I like, it's a beautiful city.

Adriano Japan 905 2 19
Ravenna escreveu:Sampa (São Paulo) is my favourite city.
My favourite regions are the South-est and South of Brazil.

See you around!

I live in Sao Paulo, there is a lot of problems here but it remains a charming and exciting city. I've never been on Florianopolis beaches, but i'd like to, Maybe next year.

ailime 80 1
When we talk about São Paulo, we tend to say that we hate it because of the violence, pollution, traffic jam, impoliteness of some people... But, actually, we can not live out of it, we are kind of part of it.. I mean, I love this city. Of course, I do love travelling to the countryside to overlook a gorgeous landiscape, to breath a pure air, to dive in a clear transparent water, to see the deep blue sky; but, I have to admit that in the end, I`m looking forward to coming back home.
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ailime 80 1

Your text is by far much better. Thank you very much for your correction!!

Alessandro 3580 3 11 83
I live in Montes Claros/MG, of course this is my favourite city. Here it is hot and sunny almost the whole year, I have no problem with the weather, by the way, I like my city’s weather.

There are almost 500,000 inhabitants here, so my city isn’t that small, eh?

Alessandro 3580 3 11 83
Hi Gabi,

I agree with you. As Eduardo told us, Floripa seems to be a good place to live.
I've never been to Floripa, but I'd like to.


My favorite city is where I live. I really enjoy to live in a place where I know well.
I love Brasília.

André Luis Manes
Well, I live in Joinville (a rainy place, really rainy) and I like here. It gets boring sometimes, because we don't have much to do here so, people go to the beach.. It's near. I like Rio and Sao Paulo, I think it's two fascinating cities. I would appreciate live there (Rio). And sorry, my english is awful and disgusting...

I live in São Paulo, for me SP is the best city of Brazil. This city has all, restaurants, parks, stores, theathers, malls and people are very receptives.

I live in São Paulo but I love Recife.
My people(I'm from there) is very receptive and they are always happy. There it has
beautiful beaches like "Porto de Galinhas", "Praia dos Carneiros",
"Calhetas", etc. I love it. Do you know it?

Arandir 75 3
Actually, I don't have any favotire city or region in Brazil perhaps, I like so much of mine because it is where I live.
I would like to know other cities and regions in Brazil and I hope to do it someday.

Salvador!Beautiful place,beautiful beachies.There a lot to do,you are never bored walking there,'cause the ocean fresh air does never aloud it.So if want be happy,one of the cities to visit is Salvador da Bahia! :geek:

w.slayman escreveu:
BrunoCosta escreveu:Salvador!Beautiful place,beautiful beachies.There a lot to do,you are never bored walking there,'cause the ocean fresh air does never aloud it.So if want be happy,one of the cities to visit is Salvador da Bahia! :geek:

Bruno see what you think about this.

"Salvador! A beautiful city with beautiful beaches where you never need to be bored because the fresh ocean air is so invigorating. Salvador da Bahia is a city where you can relax, enjoy life and be happy."

I think you should strived to use the more difficult compex sentences that native American English speakers normally use.

Thanks again Bill! As a brazillian i just want you to know that i do my best everytime and i'm always trying to improving the writing.You're always welcome!

I live in Imperatriz (MA) and my favorite city is Rio Janeiro. I was there last year and it was great! Beautiful city!

Montes Claros is my favourite city in Brazil. I love live here because it have many beautiful squaresa, shops and college for my children.Here o weather is excellent and because I live her since 1972.

I prefer the south, because is more cold than other region.

Diego Francora
I really love Sao Paulo, but I also like Curitiba, Goiania and Salvador. Brazil is beautiful!!

São Paulo, it's a quite city, several kinds of people, Many things to do how: shopping mall, theather, disco, bowling and so on.

We love work in São Paulo. I was born in São Paulo so e love it. I am very proud to live here!

I live in Florianopolis, and I think it's a great place to live on, with all the beaches and places to visit. The city has a problem with trafic jam around downtown in the rush hour. This is happening because of the quick increasing population (around 400 thousand) and bad public transportation system. Besides, SC in general terms is a great place and I'd never thought about moving out. This is my favorite region.

Elias Faiçal
I love BA, there is a very pleasant climate

A love The Minas Gerais state because the weather conditions, no violence an people. It's a great place to rest and live.

I'm from Santo André/SP, but I hate living here, I would to live Region of Americana/SP, It's countryside of Sao Paulo State's, Because is very quieter than Santo André,the climate is hottest, Because I love being near of nature. There are others cities that I would like to live like Goiania, Florianopolis and Curitiba. I have never been those places, But my friends that already been there told me that are good place for you live.

erilaine brito
hello!!!my favorite city is Jundiaí...rsrssr in São Paulo State!!!!!
I'm starting in English and would like to correct my mistakes, please!
help me.
thanks. :P

ernando 30 2
I'm from Ceará, and of course I love living here. Fortaleza is my favorite city, even if I don't live there.

EugenioTM 350 11
The mountain region of Rio de Janeiro, like Miguel Pereira, Nova Friburgo and Petrópolis, because of the nice weather on it, the forests and the beautiful highways.

Eveline Cintra
I really enjoy living in Limeira/SP besides it´s not such an interesting city, but I loved to know Curitiba, it´s an amazing city and the cleannest place that I´ve ever seen... talking about love... I prefer Bahia, because is the place I met my husband, so it´s really a special place to me ;)

felipeh6 2255 7 56
Gramado has an outstanding landscape and a great atmosphere. It's really enjoyable!
Don't waste an opportunity to know this city.


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