What is your favorite TV channel?

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64well escreveu:Nickelodeon because there are many TV shows that I like and I watch for training my listening, and some TV shows I can't find on Internet. I have NET, so, I can watch the TV shows in English.

How sad is it that I also do have NET but can't watch TV shows in english? :/
I don't watch TV that much, I have a limited plan of channels so it's hard to find a nice thing to watch. But generally I can say I like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, MTV, Boomerang, Warner Channel and some Telecines.
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I prefer Sport TV
Depends , i watch telecine because of some movies , nickelodeon for relax for a little time and other channels for know some news like globo , cnn and many others..
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I don't watch TV... real life is more exciting. ;)
First of all, I stay in my home a little time. So, When I stay in my sofa I watch CNN, FOX, HBOs and Recife's New.
I prefer TLC because there are some good programs to improve your listening.

My preferred TV channel is Universal Channel. I used watch this channel for a long time specially because the series that it shows. In my opinion, the best series is Law n Order, Dexter, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead, Revenge and the newest one Stalker.

See you! :mrgreen:
I like nickelodeon, has sponge bob, is so good hahha and funny
I like to watch Warner Channel cause they still have Friends!!
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I watch Nickelodeon, becauase iCarly. It's very funny ;D