What is your favorite TV channel?

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First of all, I stay in my home a little time. So, When I stay in my sofa I watch CNN, FOX, HBOs and Recife's New.
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Frank Florida 210 5
I don't watch TV... real life is more exciting. ;)

Depends , i watch telecine because of some movies , nickelodeon for relax for a little time and other channels for know some news like globo , cnn and many others..

Adriano Veloso
I prefer Sport TV

64well escreveu:Nickelodeon because there are many TV shows that I like and I watch for training my listening, and some TV shows I can't find on Internet. I have NET, so, I can watch the TV shows in English.
How sad is it that I also do have NET but can't watch TV shows in english? :/
I don't watch TV that much, I have a limited plan of channels so it's hard to find a nice thing to watch. But generally I can say I like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, MTV, Boomerang, Warner Channel and some Telecines.

Nickelodeon because there are many TV shows that I like and I watch for training my listening, and some TV shows I can't find on Internet. I have NET, so, I can watch the TV shows in English.
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felipeh6 2255 7 56
I really like watching TLC (Discovery Travel and Living). Great!

lgomes 10
I cannot understand the movies very well yet. I am returning my english studyies.
I am very interested in Viva TV. Its a new TV channel that shows old programs from Globo TV.

Have a good english pratice!!!!

Discovery Channel pwnz!

Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
I have done plenty of watching the Globo television newsreel. No sooner does its anchorperson finishes the last piece of news on it than I change the channel for yet another television newsreel(!)

Marlon X19 1035 5 16
I like to watch RECORD, because there are always many interetings things... I like ´´EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS´´, but for now I don't watch it anymore because it is always the same things.

I also like Telecine, because there are many films! ;)

Jerry Dorien 1565 4 41
I have some favorite chanels, depending on what I want to watch, so... to news I like to watch Globo TV because it has greats television news program, on SBT I like to watch Silvio Santos because is a good option to entertainment.

Nathan Menezes 85 3
I love Descovery Channel, because it has a good program.

EugenioTM 350 11
I enjoy telecine channels, but everytime it's passing a dubbed movie, no matter how good it is, I change the current channel right away, because I like to practice my listening with american movies and I can't stand watching them in another language!

Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94

Question: What is your favorite TV channel?

Examples of answers:

- I really like to watch TV to practice my listening, and I prefer CNN because I prefer listening to the American accent;
- I truly like to watch BBC, because I prefer listening to the British accent;
- I like Globo because I usually just watch the soap operas;
- I prefer Sony and Warner because I love TV series!
- Any in which I can watch a good movie;
- I am afraid I don't have much time to watch tv.

Now it is your turn!

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