What is your favorite TV channel?

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Question: What is your favorite TV channel?

Examples of answers:

- I really like to watch TV to practice my listening, and I prefer CNN because I prefer listening to the American accent;
- I truly like to watch BBC, because I prefer listening to the British accent;
- I like Globo because I usually just watch the soap operas;
- I prefer Sony and Warner because I love TV series!
- Any in which I can watch a good movie;
- I am afraid I don't have much time to watch tv.

Now it is your turn!
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43 respostas
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Nickelodeon because there are many TV shows that I like and I watch for training my listening, and some TV shows I can't find on Internet. I have NET, so, I can watch the TV shows in English.

Adriano Veloso
I prefer Sport TV

Amanda Maio 20
I love all channels of discovery, because are very interesting, I learned about many things when I watch these channels.

angelo3d 220 3
Well, I like science, technology, series, movies and some cartoons, so I don't have a specific channel that I like (but exists a lot of channels that I don't like!)

The CW, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, HBO, Netflix...
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I like to watch the channels History, A&E, Discovery... Know, I like to watch documentaries.

Camilla Gagliardi 10
My favorite Tv channel is TLC.

Eddie Ribeiro
Now I don't watch much TV as I used to, most because I've recently fallen in love with Netflix :)
However I love to watch Warner Channel, Discovery Channel, ESPN and of course I can't miss an episode of Game of Thrones on HBO

History channel because I love watch pawn stars, and I really like watching TLC too !

EugenioTM 345 10
I enjoy telecine channels, but everytime it's passing a dubbed movie, no matter how good it is, I change the current channel right away, because I like to practice my listening with american movies and I can't stand watching them in another language!

I prefer TLC because there are some good programs to improve your listening.

felipeh6 2250 7 55
I really like watching TLC (Discovery Travel and Living). Great!

Frank Florida 210 5
I don't watch TV... real life is more exciting. ;)

Gabriel Justi
I prefer the channels that have TV series, like Wanner and Comedy Central.

Gustavo Lemes
I watch Nickelodeon, becauase iCarly. It's very funny ;D

Jerry Dorien 1460 3 38
I have some favorite chanels, depending on what I want to watch, so... to news I like to watch Globo TV because it has greats television news program, on SBT I like to watch Silvio Santos because is a good option to entertainment.

I don't like free TV, to me it doesn't have any interesting program and it has many idiots attractions, such like Faustão and Ixquenta. I'm preferring to see some YouTube's channels and Netflix. I really love Netflix, because it has many series like House of Cards and Marco Polo. Also I can see some movies and with Netflix I can practice my English.

wflaviorj escreveu:
I like Netflix too, but sometimes I think they don't have much films really great. Don't you think?
In my opinion Netflix is a little bit poor about movies, but it has some classic movies like: The Lord of The Rings, Tarantino's movies and Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

I watch many channels, but my favorite is Discovery. This channel have very good documentaries about many things, as cars, survivors and curiosities. I also like to watch sports channels, as SportTV, FOX and ESPN.

Joyce Mady
i like history channel and also discovery channel, because sometimes it shows stuff about old cars,not only it but a lot of curiosities! and it's really fun for me =)

João Pedro Bandeir
Well, I really like movies, tv series, music and nature, so... HBO, Warner, MTV and NatGeo are in my favorites list. But my real passion is sport and definetely I spend almost my entire time on TV watching ESPN.

Depends , i watch telecine because of some movies , nickelodeon for relax for a little time and other channels for know some news like globo , cnn and many others..

lgomes 10
I cannot understand the movies very well yet. I am returning my english studyies.
I am very interested in Viva TV. Its a new TV channel that shows old programs from Globo TV.

Have a good english pratice!!!!

Hello! My favorite channel TV is discovery scientific. I like programs of engineering!! Big Construction the best!

Marcio_Farias 12530 1 23 211
I have done plenty of watching the Globo television newsreel. No sooner does its anchorperson finishes the last piece of news on it than I change the channel for yet another television newsreel(!)

First of all, I stay in my home a little time. So, When I stay in my sofa I watch CNN, FOX, HBOs and Recife's New.

Marlon X19 1025 4 17
I like to watch RECORD, because there are always many interetings things... I like ´´EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS´´, but for now I don't watch it anymore because it is always the same things.

I also like Telecine, because there are many films! ;)

Matheus barbosaj
I Like more of watch TV. My channel favorite is SBT, where watch daily the program '' Cumplices ''.

Mel Mendes
I prefer watching things on Netflix. I don't have a TV in my house.

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