What kind of advice and help are people looking for?

As I'm fairly new to the site, I would like to know what kind of advice and help from teachers, experts and native teachers, people are looking for.

For example, are they generally looking for corrections, or just comments (we can all make mistakes when writing and I'm a little worried about offering corrections when they're not wanted).

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Guys, thank you so much.
Correcting mistakes is always a little worrying when it might unwanted or perceived as showing off.
As I say, we all make mistakes, my own title above is an example kkkk (it should read "What kind of advice and help are people looking for?"). I may have written it incorrectly but as it is written, it's a statement not a question.

PPAULO. I think your advice above is excellent, thanks and the English you used is really well written, it's almost perfect. I always feel that so long as the English is clear, a few mistakes are unimportant (whilst I appreciate people are always looking to eliminate as many mistakes as possible).
Generally, confidence and the willingness to try are so important.

As you suggested and if I may I shall point out one or two minor corrections from your piece:

Usually, the preposition "to" is used for direction and movement and "for" is a reason or purpose (so it should have been "room for anyone" and "for peer review").

"Sometimes an answer/comment is not understood, and is followed by a fresh question; so we use to do a follow-up reading of our posts."
As I'm sure you are aware, usually, used to do and (to be) used to doing are frequently confused. I think in the above you could have put "usually" or "are used to doing".

Pronounce is a verb, pronunciation is the noun and in this section:

"Excuse my passable English, feel free to correct me, ever. Not just you, anyone."
Instead of "ever" you could have written "every time".

I hope that makes sense (I couldn't find how to use 'bold' on this computer kkk).
Thanks again
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People are usually looking for corrections and comments on their questions posted here. Feel free to comment or correct whenever you think it's necessary. Any kind of answer is ok, as long as it's done in order to help learners improve their English.

Welcome to English Experts.

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Hi Geoff. Welcome to the English Experts.

The Forum is divided into sections, sort of. I will elaborate on some of them.

Como eu digo isso em inglês? (How to say it in English)
- basically to make questions about words and expressions we know in Portuguese and how to say/express them in English. People want a translation or an equivalent, or even something close to it.

Tradução e Vocabulário (Translation and Vocabulary in general)
Learners may get puzzled when they are find some chunks in pieces of texts, words with unexpected/unusual meanings and usages or just need to know in a different way. That
of an intermediary/advanced student´s point of view, or of an insighter (say, a native or somebody else that is in the know, living abroad etc.)

Gramática da Língua Inglesa (English Grammar) the place to ask and get answer with grammar points, exceptions to the rules, English usage etc. Where learners may come when they are at school times and may want a specific topic (the one that is making them think they are getting soft at the head! LOL)

Correções de Textos (Text writing and proofreading, texts to be edited etc), recently have been taken by storm by TOEFL and exam takers. Yet, it is a room to anyone that wish to try his/her hand at writing, and needs to know where his/her skills stands.
Generally, students that want submit their pieces to peer review or anyone´s review , to get suggestions on revision, edition, opinions about overall structure, unity, coherence...and all that jazz! I would venture to say, that is the place where the learners are getting less shy, so they don´t shy away when they just have discovered they make mistakes. Corrections are welcome. We generally make them and try to give some little explanation as why or how they made errors. On the others hand, we praise their efforts/improvements when we see them.
Sometimes an answer/comment is not understood, and is followed by a fresh question; so we use to do a follow-up reading of our posts. To see if there´s any such questions that require follow-up replies.

Inglês falado (Speaking English) - To those that want tips on spoken English, and about speaking skills and strategies. Also to the ones interested in pronounce, accents, and the views of experienced speakers, teachers etc.
Como aprender Inglês - How to learn English (Where people come for tips on English apprenticeship.)

Off-topic - generalities, amenities and pretty much everything else, there are interesting topics as well.

Including these, similar in nature, to the one you just posted.


como-fazer-traducao-quando-o-texto-inic ... 37587.html


Generally everyone on the English Expert is so well behaved and interested in all things English. There´s no rule etched in stone, besides the ones here:

Just the rules of the house, like the ones of any Message Board or Forum out there, nothing out of the ordinary indeed. So, I bet that you quickly will feel at home. Again, welcome to the place.

Excuse my passable English, feel free to correct me, ever. Not just you, anyone.
See you around.
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I stand corrected. ;)
I grateful for your comment, it just not only makes sense, as it is helpful to my English skills. At this pace, I think I will have a good English by 2016 or whereabouts, he he. :lol:
That´s why this site is a hit, because it attracts insighters and people in the know. I always learn something when I drop by, thanks Geoff and keep up the good job of finding where in our texts it doesn´t hold waters. You´re welcome.
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Ah, buddy. To use bold you click on the button "responder" or "resposta rápida" and then click on "Editor Completo". Next, you highlight the part you want boldened, italicized or striked and click on

The chunck/part you have chosen will be involved by the following letters:
b [/ b] when boldened
Italicized [/ i] when italicized etc.

There´s a "Prever" (preview mode) to see how it will be shown if you choose "Enviar" (sent - post).
Enjoy it.

Even after you have sent, if you spot something that you want to edit, you can use the [Edit] and take redo it, but after having edited and sending some times, it will make you know it can´t be edited anymore. In this case, you have then to make a new post, if you want elaborate more.
Nice one, that'll make future corrections easier to understand (I hope). Just to practice my newly learned skill ;)

Don't forget "it is helpful to my English skills" should be "it is helpful for my English skills" (purpose not movement).

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Thanks so much, Geoff. That one passed through my quality control.
It´s good to have someone to help us out this way. Indeed to us (Brazilian learners) sometimes learning English is like flying a plane, so much controls! prepositions, verb tenses, idioms, oh my!
And we feel like we are going to forget just the one wich is making us stall! LOL
But someday we will get there, he he. Like they say, practice makes perfect. :lol:
Ah, I noticed you learned the ropes, you are really a fast learner. :)
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By the way, I was not complaining when I made the plane comparison, it´s an acknowledgement of a fact. Yet, it´s a good thing to know where the controls are and have someone in the know to give us a hand. ;)
Flying a plane is an interesting analogy, I think a lot of people feel that way but I think confidence is more important than anything else when it comes to learning a language. It is much more important to try and not worry about making mistakes than to sit back quietly out of fear, people will never achieve the improvements they want that way. It's a method of communication first and foremost, perfection is very much secondary.
The students I teach that improve the quickest are the ones that just go for it and try to talk and use English as much as possible. Sometimes pride or fear of looking stupid is such an obstacle and really slows the learning process.
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I also think this way. I only made it public because I tought it would be relevant to other learners. Meaning that many people out there (mainly in Brazil) might be encouraged to express themselves, no matter what.
And yes, by going for it as you have pointed out, have made wonders to my English too. By having this attitude I have made some headway, or so I think! LOL.
Not that, at this time, I don´t get myself debating for a long time, the choice of words would would convey what I mean in a given circumstance. Anyway, somehow I am better at it than some time ago.