What kind of movies do you like?

My favorite kind of movies.
Well, I like horror ( 80's movies like Friday 13th and Freddy Krueger movies ) and Sci fi .
On TV I like policial series ( CSI etc ) and Fringe.
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I like to action , triller , and horror . My movie favoritie is ilha do medo
Hm... I like many kinds of movies, but I think my prefer kind is drama. About movies, my favorites are Dead Poets Society, Fight Club, The Tree of Life and Pulp Fiction.

Please, help-me if I wrote anything wrong.
I like a lot of war movie, like 300
EugenioTM 6 31
I love thriller movies, and some adventure horror movies too!
Well... I love horror and romance movies!
BiahCane 11
I like romance, drama and comedy.
Hi there!

I really enjoy comedy, drama and adventure.
I like series The Big Bang Theory, Two and half man, Are you there, can i practice my english, also i really enjoy movies comedy and horror.
I like european movies. Here in rio, there are some cinemas that show a lot of new european e alternative movies. it's called "art movies". I think it's a great oportunit to have fun a take a new look of the life. So, have fun!.
Hello, people.

I really like the action movies and the fiction movies. Like Matrix's sequel and Star Wars' sequel.
I like war movies, comedy and action. I don't like horror movies.
I like science fiction, romance, animated, epic, comedy and older classics movies.
My favorite kind is comedy. =)
I love, love stories, romantic comedies and cartoons *__*
ernando 2
Well, I really love Sci-Fi movies, adventure movies, and animated cartoon movies. I don't like horror movies nor drama, or romance. :?

I get my movies from filmeshunter.com (this is a really good site), and I watch them in English with subtitles in Portuguese. 8-)
I like comedy and science fiction like super heroes. I hate (and i have very afraid) horror films.
Good question!!!
See you....
Animation's Movies like How to Train your Dragon, Tangled. Other reason that I like, It's because I understand easily this kind of movies because the target is for children, and is easier to understand. And the movies are colorful. I don't like dark things like horror movies, I'm not afraid about horror movies, but I don't like to see people cutting head off, blood everywhere, but despite this, I'm not a child.
I like comedy and adventure movies! But is very cool to go to the movie with friends or family, or just watch television, but hardly ever have anything interesting...and of course, I always eat pop corner!
I love animation movies! I pretend to work with it in the future. I did two courses here in Brazil and I'm planning to go to US to study animation there.
American Beauty... that movie has had a bigger impact on my life than any other I suppose. Really changed my life.

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I like fantasy and action movies, mainly with super heroes. Animations and drama are very good to learn English, btw. But I have to admit that I follow my favourite actors, no matter the kind of movie they're doing.
I love suspense, animation, comedy, action, adventure and science fiction movies. I'm not fan of romance and drama, but I have to admit some are good.
I like adventure, war, comedy, action and western. I don't like horror movies because they're very liars.
I like action adventure and comedy.
I love all movies by Quentin Tarantino (and Stanley Kubrick). I like the classic films, too.
I love all movies, but I prefer the suspense and romantic movies.
In special, I loved "Gladiator" and all movies of Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino too.
I like any sort of movie but mainly comedies and science fiction like Transformers (for example) ,I mean, all those especial efects it's amazing to me, I'd like to know how to do that. It would really wonderful.
I love thriller, action and this kind of movies. I genre that I like the most is thriller.
I like Thriller, because it´s impossible to guess how it is going to end!
Hello people!
I like action, comedy, romance, animated and war movies.