What kind of movies do you like?

The kind of movie that I love is Comedy and romance .
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I'm crazy about the James Bond franchise. I love all the films back to back and I never get tired of them, specially the classic ones. I'm very much into action films, the classic ones in particular. Dirty Harry, Cobra, Get Carter, Rambo, Mad Max. I also love British comedy, such as the Monty Python ones, Peter Sellers....

Horros films are fun as well, I love the old Chainsaw Massacre ones, Friday The 13th, The Exorcist, etc.

My favourite actors are Al Pacino, Bob DeNiro, Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Michael Caine, Joe Pesci, James Gandolfini, Peter Sellers, Peter Cook and Steve Coogan.

As for the actress, I love Dame Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson and of course, Meryl Streep.
Hi Everybody!
I like comedy movies to watch at home with my husband, eating popcorn and drinking a coca-cola.
Action, thriller and horror are my favorites kind of movies!!
I really like comedy, action, animation and old war movies
I like movies of action, comedy and cartoons.
I like romance, actions, animation and comedy movies.
THE MATRIX, I remember the first time that I watched this movie. It`s really amazing!
I do really like sci-fi, fantasy, drama, animation, mystery, film noir, musical films (specially the 40's and 50's).
I love watching rom-com (romantic comedy), comedy, and horror movies.
I like movies of action and adventure.
I like fiction,thiller,comedy,romance, adventure movies, but i don't like horror movies
I don't care so much about movies, then as I like comics I have always watched comics movies.
I love horror movies *-*
I love Action movies
The kind of movies that I like are drama, comedy, romance.
I Love romance and comedy
I like comedy,horror, action,adventure,cartoon romace movies .
I like romance and comedy movie! I love it!!
Well....I like movies adventure, action, sci-fi and romances.
I prefer horror/mystery movies. I just remembered that my first english movie I watched in english subtitled also in english was: Wrong Turn! It's a kind American movie, where young friends adventure ourselves into a creepy weekend in a jungle, then one by one disappear, as results, they're found killed by a unknown creature.
I'm in love with Sci-fi and Fantasy movies, and I also like zombies movies a lot.