What kind of music do you like?

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Flavia.lm 4060 1 10 94
Question: What kind of music do you like?


- I love rock n' roll (so put another dime in the jukebox baby);
- I like some country music - both national and international, and also MPB and samba.
- Other styles: classical music/blues/jazz/punk/rap/eletronic/hip-hop/reggae/gospel/romantic, etc.

Now it's your turn!
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184 respostas
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murilo91 295 1 9
I'm a rock 'n' roll lover, babies!

RenanKenplers 70 2
Nice question,

I love R&B music! :P

Logan18 30
I love rock, But I also like MPB, Samba and other styles like these Eletronic, Hip-Hop...

Eduardo Souza
Hi folks,

I like all kind of music
I'm a person very ecletic.



I like Indie, rock, acoustic, alternative, folk rock...
You can also check out my Last.fm profile - lastfm.com.br/user/guinnnnn
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r.nicolau 5

I like rock n' roll, blues and also classic music.


agnoudo 10
I like all types of music,depending on what mood I'm in.

Arandir 75 3
I like to listen to Brazilian music, dance, rock, pop and what not.

I like mpb and bossa nova.

All Metal styles possible >:D

I like rock, mpb, samba, pop music and others!

mmm...i think i'm ecletic u know...i think there is not a way to determinate just one kind of music...at least ain't for me x)

felipeh6 2255 7 56
I prefer listening to rock and sometimes pop music. Acoustic style is also a good option.

I like Samba, Black Muisc, RnB, Electronic, Pop Music and others

Emanuel Fagundes 10
I really do like MJ (Pop/R&B) -all of his songs-. And I love Shakira (all of her songs too).

I'm eclectic

I love music, I listen any kind of music, but I prefer MPB.

mainly eletronic music

Mauricio Sousa
I like pop international, rock, hip-hop, dance.

I'm eclectic
I like to listen classical music, gospel music, samba, black music and eletronic music

maryziller 355 1 1
I like mbp and and soft rock. Singers that I like are Ana Carolna, Joni Mitchel, and my daughter.


Eveline Cintra
I like to listen to Hillsong, a nice band (pop)

I love Pop Music. =D

I love rock music. I think it is the base. Nowadays, I'm used to listening Mark Knopfler, Yanni, movie themes,Lenine,reggae,the romantics, and some new musics on the radio. I'm suspect to talk about music...I love to feel the songs!


I love rock!!! ;)

I love music...
i´m drummer...

w.slayman 110
rodnominato escreveu:I love music...
i´m drummer...

I believe your first sentence needs an adjective in order to answer the question, for example. "I love all music"or "I love all types of music."

In your second sentence you need the article "a" to be grammatically correct as in " I'm a drummer." or better yet "I am a drummer in a rock band." or "I play the kettle drums in the philharmonic orchestra."

I hope these explanations and examples help you understand the English language better.

I like MPB,jazz and classical music.

w.slayman 110

I did not know what MPB was so I had to google it, and found out that, in English, it is Brazilian Popular Music. With that in mind I would think in this forum your sentence would be slightly more correct as:

I like brazilian popular music (MPB), jazz and classical."

Other than this very minor nitpick your sentence is very good.

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