What makes you happy?

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My God, my family and Justin Bieber!
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what makes me happy?
a lot of things,like hanging out with some friends,spend some time on the computer...i like to study too,of course i like :) i dont like soo much but i need study for my life.
I like to learn new languages too :)
that's it.
To ride a bicicle and swimming makes me very happy. I'm a biker and swimmer.
Hi folk,

My wife and traveling abroad.

Hi people,

First of all, my family: wife and sons. But I feel good with some readings at a sunday afternoon; knowledge; internet...

Well... a lot of things make me happy, but these are the mainly things.

All makes me happy (let I explain: all kind things). Such as: Good musics, lyrics, comedy shows, my brother - of course. There's a lot of things I want to tell, but there isn't a biggest space for I do it. So, just that: music, good relacionship (and first of all, my two favorite singer)
Well, I feel happy when I'm with my boyfriend, going out at night, swiming, watching a movie, playing soccer, and mainly all this with my love and family. :P
The simple things makes me happy, although the things that money can buy also makes me very happy.
When you have someone to love and loving you, everything become a good and adorable experience. It's complicated! Always is... because each person thinks in an way.
So, relax and don't mind what they say about you...


Actually, making all kinds of stuff that i care for doing them, the reason is embedded in the happiness, which happiness can be an emotional state of peace inside your mind.
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to have sex with my wife, make me happy. besides this to read a max lucado´s book is so cool to make me happy.