What makes you happy?

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watch a football match
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To be loved by my family and friends. That's all I nt.preciso and all I want.
Stay with my friends make me very happy ! Specially when we go to the cinema, theather, beach, or when we go out to club, hub .. This things with they make me happy.
Walking up on a sunny morning during my holiday and having time for myself cos today I dont have time for myself !!!!
What make me happy?
Several things, such as lerning english, listening radio( in english, of couse), and lerning english(Again, because i am out of idea, and I'm really loving lerning it)
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Listen to new good songs, when a friend calls me to go out, ride my bike, study english, and especially learn new stuff and have fun!!
What makes me happy??? This is more easilly to ask me what makes me sad, but I will try to ask now... in the first place, is my son smile, his hug, his kiss, whem he is waiting for my return from work and gave me a big hug... it is wonderfull. My family, my wife, my parents, my sisters and cusins, that i love so much. Ohh.. my friend, i can't forget them. They are awesome. Sometimes whem he wins, my soccer time GALO makes me very happy too. And other many things...
Peace. In my house, in my job...I hate fights, argues and when my life becomes a mess.
Buy shoes makes me really happy too.
there are some things that makes me happy, for example: to do something important in my job and to know someone interesting.
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Look my chidren all morning and see then smiling.