What makes you happy?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3955 1 9 89
Question: What makes you happy?

Answer: My mother’s food. Hugs. Friends calling when I least expect. Friends visiting. Being woken up with a kiss. Learning new things. Visiting new places. Meeting old friends. Talking to my grandma. Talking to babies. Seeing photos. Taking photos. Sunny days. Sleeping on the sofa. Unexpected smiles. Respect. Bursting out laughing. Doing nothing. Doing many things at the same time. Helping who needs. Just thinking. Planning. Dreaming. Thanking. Forgiving. Facing life as it is. Eating chocolate. Truth. Swimming. Singing alone at home. Inventing. Chatting. Picking on my sister. Cooking. Listening to a good song. Knowing He is always there. Smelling coffee. Finding what I’d lost. And some other things.

Now it’s your turn.
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Avatar do usuário maryziller 305 1 1
Executing a really successful online class. Earning certificates. Online friends. Chatting. Learning Portuguese.
Avatar do usuário josneywat 310 6
Kissing someone or being kissed really makes me happy. I prefer a French kiss of course.
Avatar do usuário Logan18 30
The simple things makes me happy kind of listen to loud music, play my guitar, talk to my friends and be with them. To be kissed by my fiancé every morning before wake up, learning new things everyday and perceive my english is being improved in spite of I do not have much time to study as before and last but not least to be here with all of you sharing knowledge everyday.
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3955 1 9 89
Being a member of this forum also makes me happy.
When I wake up being by my boyfriend...when I hug my mum...
My Boyfriend. My doctrine. My Platonic Love. Talking with my parents. Studying Law, english and Computer Science. Listening Britney Spears. Playing on computer. and... Living my life! :D
Avatar do usuário Gabi 785 1 1 15
What makes me extremely happy, getting in an over the moon state
is when I get to travel.
Usually I don't mind to where, just the feeling of going away is already
a great relaxing time for me.
Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
I have a lot of motives in my life that makes me happy, such as:
- I'm liking my collegue I'm studying;
- I do like a lot improving my English, and my Spanish course that I just began doing.
- Etc.
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Basically anything that I have conquered or that in the near future I'll conquer.