What's the hardest book you've ever read in English?

What's the hardest book you've ever read in English?
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Hello folks =) Have you ever read a book that was too difficult in English? If so, which one?

In my opinion, Stephen King books are really hard to students, the vocabulary he uses is rather difficult. Another one that's really, really hard is 'The game of thrones' by George R.R Martin. The language used in this book is too composed.. ( Even in Portuguese I'd say) . But I know there are books so much harder than those, such as the ones by Edgar Allan Poe for example.

What about you folks? What book do you think that is too hard to read in English?

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Telma Regina 9 62 593
Definitely Shakespeare's books. You will need something like Brodie's notes to understand the texts.

PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Indeed the classics in general, and less comtemporaty authors. Not to mention some poets.
"Where art thou Ancrispa?"
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Ancrispa 9 56
I agree with Telma. Shakespeare’s books. I’ve read Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.

I’ve also read quite a few books; amongst them is The collected works of Edgar Alan Poe (Wordsworth). I must confess, I’m not into horror fiction, but I do like detective fiction.

Regardless of your taste in books and genre of choice, if you are an English leaner and want to achieve an excellent outcome, the reading of classics is mandatory.

I’m here. Although I’m not participating in this forum on a daily basis anymore; my presence here is concomitantly linked to my availability.

All the best
Cinnamon 15 61 498
Reading Shakespeare is really difficult, I agree with you.
One may need some help to understand even modern versions. I read Hamlet written in old English as a school assignment (when I was an upper-intermediate student).
It was impossible to enjoy at the beginning, mainly due to the fact that it is a very psichological, philosophical, subjective story.
I found hard to read "The Divine Comedy", the famous Dante's masterpiece.
The Lord of The Rings is much easier when compared to the books I mentioned above. However, the long lists, the genealogy (such us in the Bible), the great number o characters, lands, and so on make this book something of a challenge.

See you around!
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Nice to get you around here Ana! Same thing here, it´s the end of the year, every thing, every demand and task seems coming with a vengeance...
December takes a toll on everyone!
Anyway, welcome back whenever you can.

Cinnamon, I agreed with you, some glossy books make one drag his feet, I think perhaps it´s the case of "Les Miserables" 1,647 pages or so. (source: Wikipedia) And the subject might be a bit of a turn off (albeit perhaps not much, to some), plus the subplots, digressions...
Not to mention that it´s a novel with five volumes... just that fact speaks volumes! (pun intended !)

I am reading Tom Clancy´s Executive Orders, indeed a voluminous "brick" with 1,353 pages. It sometimes drags, but at least the subject has some twists, some flowery ways of telling a story, and some comtemporary (and even colloquial/informal) English to learn, so it´s a valid trade-off.
I have read the Mockingjay book and I thought it was very very difficult The Hunger Games series should be an easy book but the Mockingjay was too difficult to me I almost gave up on that book most part of the book I didn't understand. In the other hand they are very easy books to read like for example the John Green's book's
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Now, I'm reading ''Prince of Thorns'' in English. So far, It's good. Actually, there are words I don't understand but it isn't a problem to my reading. I also take down all the words I don't get and look them up in my dictionary. Reading in English is very interesting and it keeps me motivated to learn more and more =)
Someday I'll be able to read Game of Thrones haha that's pretty hard, it's my goal.
Camila Oliveira 1 13 31
I have a habit of buying books in English everytime I travel, so I can practice while having fun!
I do agree that Shakespeare's books are the most difficult ones to read, when it comes to vocabulary and grammar structures.

However, I'm reading a very good novel, which I'm finding extremely hard to finish it. I guess the problem is not to understand the story or even the vocabulary. The problem is that the book is huge!!!

It's called 1Q84, from the japanese writer Haruki Murakami. It's a best-seller and a must-read!

The book was released in Brazil in three volumes, but the US version is just a book only and it has about 1,300 pages! I really look foward to finishing it, but it'll take me a while... Still, I do recommend it, it's a great thriller =)