What's the worst defect a person can have?

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For me the worst defect of a person is being hypocrit.
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I think it's selfishness, I hate when I'm discussing with someone and one of my arguments involve others' feeling, so the person say (s)he doesn't care about it! I don't know if this is selfishness, but I also hate when I ask someone one thing borrowed and s/he doesn't let me! Why not?

I don't know how to explain, but I get very angry with the others' selfishness!
Well, there are several of them, but i gonna quote some of them here, for instance: to steal / to be umpolite / to get envy / to gossip negatively against people's lives, and so on...
want to be superior to other people, I hate people mixed up, I like people who know the mistakes and face the front.
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I think it's ingratitude is an horror, since I cannot understand someone who was helped by someone else and is not able to show gratitude and make an acknowledgment, for sure it depends on how huge was the aid, but there must be some sort of things to do for that lovely person, who can feel the indifference about the effort which was made... thus, that's why I firmly belive ingratitude is the worst defect a person can have.
Nevertheless, there're plenty of huge defects, like indifference and envy, that my fellows certainly will mention them :!:
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I think silliness is maybe the thing that I hate the most in people, but I guess that gossip and people who are used to lie aren't the kind of person that I enjoy being around. By the way, the thing that I like the most about a person's personality is smartness, creativity and sincerity.

Please correct my wrongs. Thanks in advance.
In my point of view, the worst defect that people can have it is selfishness. People who are selfishness will never win or got a good position at everywhere..

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This is my first post, but certain I'll you use everyday!
In my opinion, gossip and lie about me is the worst defect!
In my opnion is the envious.
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I believe the worst defect a person can have is don't admit a mistake.
That makes impossible a person to admit your own mistake and to correct your actions and behavior.
It's so sad a person don't be able to do right things