What's your favorite sport?

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Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 9960 2 17 177
I like just to be considered a good sport. On my grave I want the inscription: "Here lies a fairly bad player who always played fair."
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My farorites is: soccer,racing, swimming and tennis
My favorite sport is volleyball, I love!!!
well i guess bodybuilding is my fave right now...

i really like any sort of sports...
I like playing chess. I love it. Do you know this game? You should learn to play chess.
I love all the sport, but i don't play any, i'm very lazy
however my favorite is soccer
Avatar do usuário maryziller 295 1 1
Some people like team sports, some prefer sports that you can do alone. I like water gymnsatics (aquatics) because it combines the best of both worlds. We can work at our own pace, but we can still socialize in the water gymnastics class.

I also like spinning classes. It is riding a stationary bike in a routine to music lead by an instuctor. It can give one a very good workout.
I like to work out, it´s interesting after 30´s rsss
My favourite sport is soccer. I love watching soccer on tv.
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Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
Some years ago, I liked a lot to play soccer, but I stopped,... I realized that I can't handle to run a lot, I get tired easily, I didn't played well...

So nowadays I go for a bicycle ride almost every day