What's your favorite sport?

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I really like volleyball, but not to be professional. Next year, I'll be on the 3rd grade of high school, so I think I'll join to the team of my school.
Avatar do usuário Diego Pikulski 2100 2 5 42
I like playing Football, volleyball and basketball.
But in these days I don't have tried play anything.
Because I work and Study I don't have time to do anything.
I am becoming fat because I am a sedentary man.
I want a time to do an sport because is a good thing to do.
And I have bronchitis and the better thing to do is sports.
Because I respire better and have more air in my lung.
Best Regards.
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Hello Everyone!
That's my pleasure to be here doing our exchange of knowledge about English.
Firstable i'd like to tell that i play TableTennis and this Sport is really very important to my life, because it i'm not so fat like i could be, because when i was my 11 / 12 years old i didn't do anything to exercise my body and my old brother played it on the school that later i would be there studying High School and he proposed to me play it with him, and i did and liked, that's why is my favorite Sport ever.
But there's a Sport that i like to watch more than TableTennis that is Tennis (Field) , i love to watch it.

But my favorite Sport is TableTennis.
It's not easy to give only one answer for this question, but there's no problem. Here's my two cents.
When I was a child swimming was my favorite one. Nowadays, I use to go to the pool just to unwind. Soccer and basketball are great to watching for sure. Now, if someone asks me what sport I'd like to practice I certainly say combat sports!
Avatar do usuário Bill Sikes 790 1 1 18
I’m terrible at sports! But I love watching skating competitions on TV! So beautiful, so challenging – quite an art!
My favorite sport is the soccer, but I really like the karate.
My favorite sports are ride a bike, soccer, moto GP.
My favorite sports are soccer, fight, ride a bike...
I like to play soccer.
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I love running and walking in the park; ride bicicle; hikking montain. I played handball but had long time ago. I loved it.