What’s your favorite TV show/series?

I like the brazilian TV show " A Grande Família".
This program is funny and the actors are similar to brazilians people.
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my favourite series is two and half man and everbody hates chris
I really like north-american series.
My favorites are "Dr. House M.D." , "Desperate Housewive" and "The Vampires Diaries"
My faforite TV show is soap operas.
I like very much off two and a half man , chuck and Monk.
Marlon X19 5 16
My favorite tv show is HEROES, because they have superpowers and they saved the world many time :D . At least some of them tried to save the world... I watched all the episodes. HEROES IS MY FAVORITE TV SHOW... the best. ;)

At least for me!!!
felipeh6 7 56
It used to be "Lost", but the end was such a deception that I've stopped watching any TV serie since then!
I prefer 'The Vampires Dáries"
My favorites are Seinfield and Sex and the city.
I love the old ones.
I like to watch Evebody Hates Chris, despite I have watched all chapter. I also like to watch CSI and movies in english to improve my learning in English.
I like Friends, two and half man, NCIS, Law Order( all franchises), CSI( all franchises),Cold case( i love because i know many musics and singers that i don't know),I want see more gilmore girls,dawsons creek, felicity ,the big bang theory,veronica mars,house,the pretty liars,gossip girl,lost ,buffy,the modern family.
I love Hart Of Dixie because Rachel Bilson is my favorite actress
My favorite show is The Office. My big brother is also big fan of this show. I have not missed any episodes of this show.

I like watch 'the big bang theory','Supernatural' and 'Everybody hates Crhis'.
Along with films, TV series are great for anyone who wishes to improve their English level, besides being a great pastime. The ones to which I got addicted were Friends, Lost, 24 and, most recently, The Big Bang Theory, the funniest I´ve seen so far. But there sure are many others that can be watched for both learning English and having a nice time in front of the TV.

For those who are looking for something more British, I personally reccomend the "Monty Python´s Flying Circus" series. It´s the famous, laconic but ingenious humour so commom in shows from the 70´s.
I don't have a favorite TV show/series, but I watched Drake e Josh, nowadays I watch Victorious, Icarly...
I like Lost, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Prison Break, The Walking and Dead and Community. I currently watch Game Of Thrones and Comunnity.
No doubt the best series is, The Vampire Diaries but i watch two and a half man, Law & Order and others.
The my preferer is Kyle Xy, is a serie really nice.It is worth it!
Breaking Bad is amazing... I can't wait for the final season, they're shooting it now. The season finale in 2011 was just... wow!
I love The Walking Dead, the serie and the comics.
Friends is awesome and part of what I know in english It's because of this serie.

I want to start watching Dexter, a lot of friends say good thing about it.
I don't like to watch TV so much... but the series I think good are:
- The Vampire Diaries;
- CSI;
That's all!
My 3 favorites.
The Mentalist (freaking awesome)
Game of Thrones

but i also like a lot series , so that's it!
I've watched a lot of series and I like very much these:

Two and a half man (starring Charlie Sheen)
Game of thrones
The walking Dead
I'm currently watching The Vampire Diaries and liking it very much. I also like The Big Bang Theory, those guys are so funny!
My favourite serie is definitly big bang theory. It´s a very good serie in my opinion with a very good performance by his actors .

The actors are very funny specially those whom interpretate Sheldon and Howard.

I´ve bought the firts two series and it worth it, is money well send
The mentalist is a serie that make me spend a lot of hours in front of the tv, I love cop series. Alcatraz I started to watch a weak ago, It's cool but a little weird. :D
ernando 2
I like watching the serie "The Big Bang Theory". I think that watching series in english is the best way to improve your listening and vocabulary. About TV Shows I like "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno", because Jay is very funny and because through this show I learn about life in the U.S.A and about the way real people talk in streets.
I like different types of series, I'm very eclectic about it. I'm super fan of those shows that have vampires, medieval stuff, lot of fighting, the ones which we can burst out laughing. In brief, I watch 'The vampiere diaries', 'Game of thrones', 'Arrow', 'Nikita', 'Two and a Half Man', 'The big bang theory' etc.
My favorite is "Reeven".
I'm watching now One Tree Hill. It is very cool, because there is a bit of everything: drama, comedy, suspence.