What’s your favorite TV show/series?

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I really like House MD, I think it is because I can see myself in his attitudes (grumpy haha)

I've watched Anger Management as well, I like the Charlie Sheen's performance as comedian. In my opinion Two and a half man lost a lot with his exit (even though Ashton Kutcher is a good actor)

Also recently I began watching Breaking Bad, it is very fun!
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Well, this is a hard question for me, because I really love watch series, But in respect of old times, my preferred one is The X Files. This serie was the first one that I follow for a long time. In that time I didn't had cable TV and (I think) didn't exist Internet, so was very very very hard to follow it on open TV.

My second choice is Dexter, the nice serial killer. I followed Dexter for 9 years, since the beginning and for me he (the character) is almost a friend (don't worry, he just kill bad people).

With Dexter, I learned that the power has to be use with moderation and for a good reason.

I like many american tv series but the best for me are Two and a half man (only the episodes with Charlie Sheen), How I met your mother and The office, but they already finished so I'm lookig for new ones!! Any suggestions?
My favorite TV series are Law and Order: SVU, Forever, The Mentalist, Arrow and I feel miss of ER !!
Greetings {{All}}

As many questions about value, this one requires multiple pickings. I'm fond of my moments watching to "Columbo"


and "Star Trek: The Next Generation"


Columbo - a masterpiece-character played by Peter Falk, gives us the chance to see how a seemingly erratic mind gradually unravels deep awareness and deep wisdom. My fav quote comes from the episode: "Sex and the married detective" -- when a shallow girl asks him if she should reveal a bitter fact to a person in sorrow, he tenderly smiles and says: "Well, sometimes kindness is wiser than truth".

Now Star Trek caught me by the characters' psychological depth along the episodes, as well as a steady call for high moral standards by Enterprise crew. Actually if you go into the series steady deep, you will see ethical issues and the riddles of human existence being challenged, and resolved, all the time through a stunning pace of popping up dillemas. Two episodes are memorable: "The Inner Life" and "Only Good Things..." (the later is the series last episode). One has to be cold blooded to watch to them and hold emotion.

I also like - not properly a syndicated series - but a character revisited in several movies, magistrally built by Peter Sellers: Inspector Clouseau's "The Pink Panther". It's incredible how a native English speaker, like Sellers, cloaks so well his natural accent under an amazing French way of talking. This creates hillarious inter-linguistic plots, like this:


The full ~3min are funny but the lesson on intercultural mismatches on language unfolds through the first 1.12min.

Tks for reading.

I have watched arrow and flash those tv show are awesome
I love Game of thrones cause everyone dies!
I'm a big fan of American Horror Story! The story changes every season so it's very interesting to watch. I love Jessica Lange's german accent,it's sexy :mrgreen:
My favorite is csi
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Jane the virgin is my favorite serie. This show is crazy!!! But, I enjoy the mixture of emotion that happens in each episode.