What’s your favorite TV show/series?

In fact, I don't watch many TV Shows but I would like to indicate "Friends" because it's a lot of funny and I got improve my english watching it.
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I actually love The Game Of Thrones.
The best TV serie that I saw.
Downtown Abbey
Hello! This is the first time I'm participating! (:

Well, my favorite show ever is Friends! As I was studying English I used to watch it. It helped so much in the learning process because of the day-by-day situations and the easy dialogs. I love it so much that I must have seen it a hundred times!

I also like The Big Bang Theory, and a few days ago I just finished watching New Girl.

Anyway, I love TV series. I think it's one of the best ways to learn and improve your English.

My favorite series are definitely Vikings and The Walking Dead. Most series like Revenge and The Vampire Diaries despite of being really good they disappoint somehow at some point in the story. That's not the case with neither Vikings nor The Walking Dead, both are so great, the story just keeps getting better.

I also like sitcoms like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Mom and Men at Work. Too bad Men at Work got cancelled, it was really funny. I'm thinking about starting to watch I Live With Models.
Flavia.lm 1 10 95
I really loved the Swedish/Denmark version of "The Bridge" seasons 1 and 2.

I watched the Brazilian "Teraphy Session" first season. Selton Melo is one of my favorite Brazilian artists.

I am addicted to Game of Thrones and really hoping Stark remaining family members will ever get together again!
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Leonardo96 15 231
I like a lot of TV shows, my favorite one of all-time is Breaking Bad. I watched the whole series and it's awesome,it's a must-watch if you're into TV shows,if you havent't watched it yet,you should definitely go for it. Right now,among the active shows,I would say it's The Walking Dead. I also love comedy shows such as Friends and Two and a half men.
edrob518 6 71
There are a lot of tv series I really get a kick out of such as The Big Bang Theory which is on my list of best tv series I've watched and if you havent watched it yet I strongly advice you to do so I'm sure you wont regret. The simpsons is also an excellent show and you should definitelly give it a shot I'm fairly sure it'll manage to coax some laught out of you, Breaking Bad and so on I could mention a lot more but that would take me a day . the one I've been watching recently is Game of Thrones which I think it's a pretty addictive show.
Hello this my first participation!!!
Actually my favorite serie is The walking Dead. I already a lot of series but The walking Dead is the best. I usually watch The American Dad for improve my English. When I finished to wacth all seasons I will start to watch Breaking Bad.
I like watching animes, but series on Tv, i prefer The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead and CatFish !
My fav TV shows are Gotham and The Walking Dead but yesterday I started watching a new show named Sense8, oh my God, I'm addicted lol
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CSI, Law and Order and Criminal Minds are my favorites TV series.
I used to watch Dr. House, Prision Break, Chicago P.D,and Chicago Fire. Now I've been watching Elementary. It's such an amazing tv show, but the best for me was Dr. House.
My favorite TV series currently is Sherlock.
I love the TV series ! But I never finish anything . Now I 'm watching " How I Met Your Mother " because it is very funny and easy to learn English .

I want to start watching " Orange is the New Black " . I hear some people talking good about it .

I like "Grimm" I watch in my free time.

"The Simpsons" Because is fun.
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I like prision break
Game of Thrones is the best serie of the world. With good history, good characters and the best fights. I'm watching the season 4 and I really want watch the season 5.
I love Friends, I can understand almost everything they say and it's a very funny TV series. But I also like a lot: How I met your mother, grey's anatomy, once upon a time, the walking dead and daredevil.
edrob518 6 71
I prefer mostly sitcoms like: Everybody Hates Chris, The big bang theory and Friends. Besides being funny, they are great to brush up your English skills. The first tv series I started using was Everybody Hates Chris. Firstly, because I already knew the lines by heart and secondly each episode is about 24 minutes long at most.
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Under The Dome. no doubt! But I still haven't watched it in English though. .
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Well, I watch The big bang theory is really good and fun I like it
But, now I'm looking for another serie :/
I'm addict to watch "Elementary", but It's so dificult to watch without subtitles, so, I watch "How I met your mother" too, It's easier.
Well, the best tvshow that i ever seen was "Breaking Bad". It is awsome. I don't want to give any spoiler, but the transformation of the protagonist is unbelievable.
Currently my favorite series is "Game of Thrones".
I like many TV series like Game of Thrones, Black Sails and The Walking Dead, Marco Polo, but at this moment my favorite series is Vikings, all things in this series are gorgeous, the plot, the characters, the scenery. I'm waiting anxiously the new season, but sadly its debut is just in 2016 ... Other TV series that is incredible to me, is House of Cards, Frank Underwood is better than Dilma. Hahaha!
I really like Game of Thrones
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