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hello gabi What is an"au pair"?
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I'm undergraduated in Business and nowadays I'm running my own business. It's a small business but I love my job. However, I want to become a English teacher too. I think it'll be possible as soon as I imagine. I want to share my knowledge with other people.
I am a Secretary, at moment I work in a Administration area where a develop many activities, I like a lot. I have been doing this kind of job for 19 years.
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I am retired from two different jobs, and spend my time riding my Harley Davidson, going Pensacola Beach (20 minutes away), working out at the gym, taking photographs, and traveling from Florida to Brasil, so I guess my job now is having fun.

The first job I retired from was the U.S. Army, where I advanced from the rank of Private to the rank of Major, my speciality was Special Forces (Green Beret). The most rewarding part of that job was when a Foreign Government would request assistance and my team would deploy to various countries on "Foreign Internal Development (FID) Missions" or what we, the individuals, liked to call "Nation Building Missions". On these missions we would go to remote areas of a country and help the people build wells for clean water, schools, etcereta, we would also provide health care to the people and teach them how to improve their lives. On some FID missions we would train the local Police or Army units on techniques to combat terrorism and narcoterrorism. Being able to help other people help themselves is one of the most rewarding things that a man can do. Some fo the countries that I have personally been to on FID missions are: Belize, Hounduras, Columbia, Suriname, Philippines, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The second job that I retired from was Structural Steel Estimator, where I would study the plans made by an Architect and determine what type of steel the building would need and how much it would cost my company to fabricate that steel. I would then submitt a sealed bid to the General Contractor to provide the steel and errection. The largest contract I was successful in winning was valued at just over eight million dollars ($8,000,000.00). While this job was interesting it was not as rewarding as my first.

Shortly after I met my new bride on the internet in 2001, I stole her away from her job as an au pair we got married and then WE retired.

I now have a new job whenever I am able to go to Brasil and it is the best job that any man could possibly have. I am now a GRANDFATHER, Maria Eduarda, the most beautiful baby ever, was born on January 2, 2010 in Sao Paulo. So life has been very good to me.

Bill Slayman
Pensacola, Florida
I'm system analyst and love it. :shock:
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Bacca escreveu:I'm system analyst and love it. :shock:


Two small corrections, to make the sentence grammatically correct and read thus: "I'm a systems analyst and I love it.
I am constructor and teacher and I like my professions very much.
I´m a reporter, because i think that information is essencial for people and i able to write and talk quite well!
w.slayman escreveu:
Bacca escreveu:I'm system analyst and love it. :shock:


Two small corrections, to make the sentence grammatically correct and read thus: "I'm a systems analyst and I love it.

Yes, You right!
I totaly agree with you.
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I never have worked. Actually, I'm doing a degree in languages (I started this year), but I don't know what to do after my graduation.