What's your profession and how do you like it?

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I've graduated in Public Relations, but I work as an English teacher. Although teaching can be stressful, I can handle it much better than working far from my job, under a lot of pressure, etc etc etc.. I think my job is full of surprises, I love learning before teaching and I have flexible hours (this is great!!!).
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I am a software developer. I work at a company that make educational solutions.
I like my job because I have opportunities to create new things.
I'm a import analyst, I love my profession because I like do it. I like people's new.
I'm student and not working.
I'm student of analyst of the systems, I want to go to College to accounting Sciences.
I'll want be Tour Guide, because i love travel and meet the stories of countries.
I think That be a teacher is a honor profession. A teacher has in his hands a great responsability to change lives. I´ll be a good teacher.
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I work with Topography and I am an Auxiliary of Topography. I am in this job because I need live and to do this we need money XD
I don't have a career in mind in the moment.

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All the best.
I 've graduated in translation but I work as a civil servant.
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Hello Ellen Priscila Louz.

I am a teacher in a school computer and I am also a student and researcher of the English language. I love my job because I like to have lots of contact with people in everyday life.