What's your profession and how do you like it?

I studying chemistry at collegue, and I need learn english for my work, I like.
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I'm an accountant in an university in my city and at night I'm a teacher of accounting in a public school. I like my job, but my life is very busy.

Hi, guys.

I work as administrative assistant, but I don't like doing it. If I had the opportunity to choose a profession, of course I'd rather choose to become an English teacher or a biologist. I believe the children are our future, so I want to teach them "the best" way for they have a promissing future.

That's all.
Bye :D
Hello Everyone!

I work basically in Robotics area with my older brother, by the way. I have began it when I was 18, my brother has a company that makes services to another one and he was needing someone to work with him because the volume services was increasing, then he invited me to work. Since I started to work in this area I never thought in do something different about this, I just found out myself when I started to work in this area.
Maybe one the most usual names for the activity known as Air Stewardess is "Flight Attendant" - at least that is the way they are called in the U.S.
I'm student yet, but I intend to graduate in Aerospace Engineering next year(like all 3rd years). Since the beginning of high school, I've liked all the things related to space and the cosmos, like black hole, traveling to moon and so. That's why I'm going for this, but also for the money.
I am a Flight Coordinator (it is different than Flight Controller)

I work for an Air Charter company. My job consists of working on scales of pilots, subcontracts, bills, sells... this last one is the funnest, because I have some clients abroad and talk to them in the most cases is a challenge. I mean, talking to people from UK/US is easy, it is the standard language for them. But we have contact with clients from China and Russia for example. I have serious difficulties with some accents.
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I am a Civil Servant (work for governement)
Actually I've been working for the government for 20 years.
At college I graduated in Chemistry and a taught Maths, Chemistry and some other subjects (high school).
Believe or not I taught Braille too (blind people writing/reading system).
At the City Hall I work with administration (basically pension funds).
I enjoy the Civil Service because I can see many people and work with a lot of laws.
Although many people say that in government employees don't work efficiently I can tell you
I work a lot and I always try to do my best... :mrgreen:
I'm a architect, I work with my father and I love my job.
I'm a Biologist and I like very much, unless the fact that it's so hard to get a job in the area.

But I think I was lucky, had two biology jobs, the first I worked with caves, collecting invertebrates, the second I worked with environmental supervision of a high way, I monitored hited animals.

I know that seems very strange jobs, but I likek.
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Susane, congrats on your very good English.
Just one correction, if I am not mistaken? I thought you problably meant "I monitored injured/sick animals"? ;)

By the way, it´s really a nice and rewarding job.
I'm a Systems Developer and I'm studying to be a Projects Manager.