What subjects do/did you like in school and why?

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Geography was my favorite, I love looking at maps.
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Physics is my favorite subject.
I love Portuguese and English. Just LOL. I don't like Maths, even going very well in this subject. I prefer Human, not Exact.
My favourite subject was history. I used to like geography and hate maths and chemistry.
I always like Math and English. Math is very easy and I like it so much. I want to be fluent in English, so I study it every day.
When I was in school I was very good in biology and also in English, actually it's in high school that I started to like the English language!!!
No doubts, the calculates. All over the world is based on math, including the more several activities envolving the human being around his geography space and social occupation. In specials cases (engeering for instance) to be very well in calculate is obligation.
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I've always liked human sciences. Exact sciences, on the other hand, didn't come easily to me as human sciences did. It seemed like I could never memorize those highly complex formulas. I still remember my eighth-grade math teacher explaining a certain formula, whose name doesnt spring to mind right now. Most of what he said, that day, went right over my head, he he. I was hopless, I thought. But that all changed when I entered High School. I was determined to do something to change that and much to my satisfaction, I got what I was striving for. Not only did I learned a bit of math, but also I learned the most important lesson of all. You can achieve whatever you want as long as you set your heart on it.
Marcio_Farias escreveu:I like English, German and Portuguese. Hard to find someone to practice German with. Now let's go for the one-million-dollar question: Do you know enough Portuguese?

I like english so much but I´m practicing it.yes I do,I like portuguese too!!!
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Well, I finished my High School some years ago, but when the topic is favorite subject, I think that I prefer History, in my opinion is very good for each person know the History of your own country or other civilizations, History is magic, for this reasons I love this subject :)