What subjects do/did you like in school and why?

What subjects do/did you like in school and why?
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Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Question: What subjects do/did you like in school and why?


- I was very good at math, especially geometry. In college I liked most of the subjects, and I had a law teacher who was simply amazing. There is another subject I also like, just a bit: English, of course.
- I like maths/literature/history/physical education/geography/sciencies/physichs/biology...

Now it's your turn!
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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
I like English, German and Portuguese. Hard to find someone to practice German with. Now let's go for the one-million-dollar question: Do you know enough Portuguese?
Gabi 1 1 15
My favourite subject was always arts. Always.
And languages and literature in second place.
Maths, geometry and so on were always a nightmare for me :( .

And no, I do know that definitely I don't know enough Portuguese.
Either in English or Portuguese the prepositions just drive
me crazy.

I stick to the fact that Portuguese, Literature and English classes were and are the best ever for me. I used to be a language-addicted guy who always wants more. Actually I study French by myself [the same way I started studying English] and I am learning a little of it. My patience is what makes it worthy, once it is crucial for learning.

On top of that, I think sometimes I am kind of loony because I like everything, mostly those above, but there is not a particular matter I do not like.

English and Phisics Education ^^
PKdbz 3
I love history, geography, sciencies, physichs.
I don't like the english of school, it's very basic.
I always liked a lot Math...

Until I were at high school, I liked Grammar, Physics, and mostly Math. But I hate History, Geography, Biology and Literature.

But now that I'm at collegue, I'm liking mostly Calc and Programming...
maryziller 1 2
I liked English and literature classes the best. I found history too far removed from my daily life for it to hold any interest for me, but now I like to learn about the history of events that shaped our world. Math is something that either you are born with a gift to understand or not, I believe. I did well in math but it was a struggle. Patterns that students with an inate math talent could see, were beyond my powers of perception, without the aid of a tutor. Biology was fascinating to me, but the physical sciences were math based, and girls of my generation (the 60s) were discouraged from taking physics and encouraged to take home economics.
felipeh6 7 56
I liked Math because it was interesting to find the results at the end of each exercise. It was like a challenge that should be beaten. I also liked Physical Education because I always liked to practice some sport, it's something that I still enjoy, it makes me feel better.
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

I liked Biology and Math.English was like playing soccer with my friends.I used to spend hours reading texts trying to learn something new.

English became a profession and it has always been a way of having fun.

See you!
Jerry Dorien 4 46
I liked math and Physical, as felipeh6 said It was a challenge that should be beaten and these subjects provide a great sensation when we find the results. No other discipline does this. I love Math becouse it makes me get smarter and we find interesting things. When someone is good at math, this skill helps us in many fields of our lives.

see you!!!
I like too much Math, I'm a genius, everybody asks for me when they have a doubt in Math, I love it, I study advanced Math, so in school I'm always ready, and I ace all the Math tests, I also like English xD. But in my school I don 't like, whereas my teacher is teaching Past Simple now! I also like Science, esp. Physics. I don't know why I love Math, I think it's because it's exact!
I like (love) studying languages as Portuguese and English. I like math, physics, biology, history, geography, in other words I like all subjects because all of them are very important and interesting. However, the more difficult one for me is chemistry.
I did well in the field, but I think that Portuguese was that I liked more. Oh, and History. English, I never had good teachers, but I always liked the story.
The subject I like the most is English. I love english! I also like history and a little of geography. Though I don't like math and Physics I was pretty good at it (enough to get an 8+ grade). However, There is one subject I hate so much that gets difficult to study: Sociology. OMG I've never seen such a waste of time.... and the worst is that I have it in college too.
ernando 2
I thought my favorite subject is Biology, since I was little, Biology always caught my eye. To point out one that I don't like much I must say that it's the gym classes :roll:, I'm very bad at this specific subject. By the way, I consider Chemistry the one that I like but I'm not good at :oops: , I wanted to be good at it because I intent to be a biotechnologist in the future and therefore Chemistry will be important.
Other than geography, which only served to make me dream about traveling the world and leaving school ASAP, it was probably music! In my school, that basically consisted of sitting back and listening to songs of different styles and from different epochs. Sure, we had to analyze the music as well and there were exams about chords, scales, cadences and movements and such, wee had to memorize some music history and learn about a few famous composers, but for the most part it was probably the most enjoyable subject. :)
I liked Literature and English.

English because I'm crazy about new languages. I'm learning Spanish by myself, speaking at my job, where I need to talk English and Spanish.

I love Literature 'cause I love arts in general. Painting, movies, photography, theater, music and so on. I love poetries, the classic books and authors.They take me to another place, another time and another feelings.
I hate math!it gets me in the nerves!!!!, and just to get things better my math teacher sucks and he is so annoying! however i love portuguese and languages and also history and geography
EugenioTM 6 31
I'm at most of the times interested in chemistry and biology, because I love to find out how our bodies work and get to know better the things that surround us daily. That's why I'll try to enter a med school in the near future. I haven't had a good experience with exact sciences like physics and math for the past few years, because I always make clerical mistakes in exams, and that pisses me off and makes me run away from them sometimes. However, I know I have to study them to attend college, so I do my best.
Geography was my favorite, I love looking at maps.
Physics is my favorite subject.
I love Portuguese and English. Just LOL. I don't like Maths, even going very well in this subject. I prefer Human, not Exact.
My favourite subject was history. I used to like geography and hate maths and chemistry.
I always like Math and English. Math is very easy and I like it so much. I want to be fluent in English, so I study it every day.
When I was in school I was very good in biology and also in English, actually it's in high school that I started to like the English language!!!
No doubts, the calculates. All over the world is based on math, including the more several activities envolving the human being around his geography space and social occupation. In specials cases (engeering for instance) to be very well in calculate is obligation.
edrob518 6 71
I've always liked human sciences. Exact sciences, on the other hand, didn't come easily to me as human sciences did. It seemed like I could never memorize those highly complex formulas. I still remember my eighth-grade math teacher explaining a certain formula, whose name doesnt spring to mind right now. Most of what he said, that day, went right over my head, he he. I was hopless, I thought. But that all changed when I entered High School. I was determined to do something to change that and much to my satisfaction, I got what I was striving for. Not only did I learned a bit of math, but also I learned the most important lesson of all. You can achieve whatever you want as long as you set your heart on it.
Marcio_Farias escreveu:I like English, German and Portuguese. Hard to find someone to practice German with. Now let's go for the one-million-dollar question: Do you know enough Portuguese?
I like english so much but I´m practicing it.yes I do,I like portuguese too!!!
Well, I finished my High School some years ago, but when the topic is favorite subject, I think that I prefer History, in my opinion is very good for each person know the History of your own country or other civilizations, History is magic, for this reasons I love this subject :)