What was the biggest goof of your life?

What was the biggest goof of your life?
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Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Question: What was the biggest goof of your life?
  • When sending a private message by email, you accidentally choose “reply to all” instead of “reply” and end up sending it to someone who shouldn't read it... Sometimes it can be a very serious goof. :?
  • Confusing people’s names is an unforgivable goof. :oops:
  • Some quotes by some famous people can also be considered goofs: “If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life” - Brooke Shields :shock:
  • Trusting someone who did not deserve my confidence was a real goof. :cry:
  • You can also find some other goofs made by Flávia reading some of her posts here in the EE forum. :)
Now it’s your turn!
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Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Going to a local IRC[1] meetup at a night bar and absentmindedly drinking the beer of a guy's girlfriend while we all sat and talked animatedly about anything. No sooner did I realize the goof than I promptly got up and ordered a new beer for the guy's girlfriend!

I no longer take part in or join IRC meetups. Also, I no longer drink. I had to quit drinking or my girlfriend would leave me.

[1] Internet Relay Chat.
Flavia, I had a goof similiar yours. Trusting someone who did not deserve my confidence was a real goof. It made me went bankrupt.
I'd like to say to you that everyone makes at least once a goof in their lives.
Oh boy, that one sucks, hahaha....only you Flavia to ask us that...hahaha... I think my biggest goof happened when I went to CEFET-AL after spenting the whole night studying how illiterate people speak gente and nos. They say: " A gente fomos" "Nos e foda mesmo", well thing is I was majoring in 2 differents areas: tourism / portuguese [teacher], so that day I had an important meeting with SEBRAE and the local television, so during my explanation I said: I gente perguntamos, it was horrible and the horrible thing was that I didnt notice it so everybody laughed at me... what a goof!....
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
mili escreveu:Oh boy, that one sucks, hahaha...
mili, you mean my goof or Flavia's? :)
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
danilorpo escreveu: [...] Trusting someone who did not deserve my confidence was a real goof. It made me went bankrupt [...]
My goodness, danilorpo, how did this unfortunate event come about[1] if you care to elaborate on it?

[1] come about

Also, come to pass. Happen, take place, as in How did this quarrel come about? or When did this new development come to pass? Shakespeare used the first term, first recorded in 1315, in Hamlet (5:2): "How these things came about." The variant, dating from the late 1400s, appears often in the Bible, as in, "And it came to pass ... that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus" (Luke 2:1).

Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/come+about
JacksonB 2
OMG what a goof! :oops:

2 years ago I traveled to Foz do Iguaçu, Paraguay, Itaipu and etc.
The thing is.. when I was at the hotel, everyone went downstairs due to swim in the swimming pool, and I was in a hurry because I was the last one to leave the room and then I was like "They are too silly!! They walked a lot to take the elevator and there's one right here on the corner!haha".. well, I really took it, and the door opened.. my face turned red because I was facing a lot of people working in the Hotel's kitchen :S , and then I quickly pressed ALL the buttons, and it started going upstairs but the door opened in a dark corridor and then, finally I breathed my floors air :) .
I got together to my family such as if nothing had happened , :mrgreen:
My most embarassing goof happened when I was in high chool and I was working as a life guard at a large swimming pool. One extremely hot day I was sitting in the elevated chair (about 3 meters high) and sweating in the hot sun. The waist tie on my swim suit started chafing my waist so I loosened it. Some time latter when my relief showed up, I decided to show off for the girls and I dove directly into the pool in the process I lost my suit, which a small boy retreived and ran away with. There I was in the pool with nothing on, and everybody was laughing at me!!! :oops: After what seemed like a life time my boss threw me a towel, and I was able to get out of the pool and run hide. The next day a group of several pretty girls asked me if I had my swim suit on tight enough. :oops: :oops:
Well well,my biggest goof i can remember hehe was when i was in Buenos Aires last year and i was going to light my cigarrete with a fellow's lighter and after have lighted it i put instead the filter the ember in my mouth.That was really embarrasing.