Where would you go if you could travel in a time machine?

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I'd like to have witnessed the Modern Era, especially to track the first steps of the Enlightenment, French Revolution and the Church decay. Those events shaped our current world. But I'd also like to have been raised in the 20th century. Despite its horrific wars and the constant threat of nuclear bombings, we shall not dismiss the fact that mankind performed stunning deeds those years.
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Avatar do usuário Jonas Machado 710 10
Back to the 80's. No-brainer.
I would like come back to the past, around 25 yers ago, to talk to my mother: "Mom, I need start a english course because if I try learn english with 30 years old, I will get some dificulties".
I'd like to go to future too. I'm curious, how will be the school, How will be my town/city, What I'll become myself..
 I go back thirty years ago and truly begin to study English!
I'd like go to the future to meet my older "me". And with this encounter I could know what I ought to do today to improve my future, and make sure of my decisions.
I'd go back to the year 1972.It was when I met a great love.
I would like to go to the egyptian era, when pharaos ruled.