Where would you go if you could travel in a time machine?

Where would you go if you could travel in a time machine?
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Question: Where would you go if you could travel in a time machine?


- I'd like to go back to the past, to the Middle Ages. May be in England. I'd like to be one of the knights of the Round Table.
- I'd rather go to the future, because it is a mistery. I'd like to know how life will be, food, housing, schooling, etc.

Now it's your turn!
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I'd like to go to the future, to move a hundred years forward, so I'd know if the cancer would be cure .
Please correct me if I wrote that wrong. Thank you.
See you soon.
Arandir 2
I'm sure I would go to the college's period but I can do it because besides remember I can talk to friends over the internet.
for sure i would go to my high school years.. those were truly remarkable
I do not think it is worth to come back in a certain time in the past. It might make you feel down by remembering some bad things - If they happened in your case, that is. Talking about the future with a high degree of certainty would be nice to some people, to delude those who didn't have this chance of being able to travel in time - Just kidding. I do not know, really! I think it would be cool to get to know what I am going to do and come back in the time and just change it as if nothing happened. Senseless?
maybe, when i was 13 years old.
josneywat 6
I'd certainly go to a time portal in which I could travel anywhere in time. Nonetheless, I'd feel myself dislocated.
I think I wouldn´t like to go anywhere. I miss many things and people in my life, but that´s only the past and I am hoping always the new ! Who likes past is "museum" rsss About the future, well... the same, I don´t want to know what is going to happen and after have to come back and stay thinking in the things that´ll happen rrrss
That´s it for now !
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
Pangea. Or up to a place in time where violence no longer existed.
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

I´d go to Brazilia,where the lottery draws usually take place and I´d write down the numbers of a winning ticket, then I´d go back in time and play the lottery so I could win.

maryziller 1 2
I would go back in time if I could be an observer of my early , formative years.
I'd like to travel When I was 14 because of my first boyfriend. =/
felipeh6 7 56
I would like to go back in time and see how they built those pyramids in Egipt :!: It could be interesting. :?
I'd go back to 2003, maybe I could do something to keep my mom alive...
I miss her so much!
Where would you do if you could travel in a time machine?

Well, I would go to Jerusalem to see with my eyes my master, Jesus.

I think that I would go my native town to see myself while I was baby too. :roll:

felipeh6 7 56

Besides my first comment, I also would like to go back to the time Jesus Christ used to live. I really would like to be present on that period and see Him in action. In my view, that would be an extraordinary experience!

That's it!
i'd like to see the world at the time of dinosaurs. i know...it's possible that i turn dinner to they but... well, if the present is already sucks, think about the future. My god...I don,t want to see.
I'd like to go to the Brazil in nineteenth century and try to avoid the Brazil's independence done by D.Pedro I.
Making this independence happens later, Brazil could have a better history untill the actual times, because best people than D.Pedro I, could be able to do this independence with kinder intentions. Social elite of Brazil would not have chance to plan a goverment for doing the will of the richest civilians only, wich is happening today in fact.
Hi there!

I prefer going to the future to going to the past. (Is that correct?)

The reason is I want to meet mylself and ask him (or me) a lot of questions about my choices that I've made. Are those worth it? Maybe I can do something different about my life... something better. I want to know everything about my family and friends. Maybe saving some lives!

That's it! See ya!
I'd go to Old Egypt, because I like to History e I think they a people very intelligent . . . I'd want to know the pharaoh Cleopatra.
I'd like to have witnessed the Modern Era, especially to track the first steps of the Enlightenment, French Revolution and the Church decay. Those events shaped our current world. But I'd also like to have been raised in the 20th century. Despite its horrific wars and the constant threat of nuclear bombings, we shall not dismiss the fact that mankind performed stunning deeds those years.
Back to the 80's. No-brainer.
I would like come back to the past, around 25 yers ago, to talk to my mother: "Mom, I need start a english course because if I try learn english with 30 years old, I will get some dificulties".
I'd like to go to future too. I'm curious, how will be the school, How will be my town/city, What I'll become myself..
 I go back thirty years ago and truly begin to study English!
I'd like go to the future to meet my older "me". And with this encounter I could know what I ought to do today to improve my future, and make sure of my decisions.
I'd go back to the year 1972.It was when I met a great love.
I would like to go to the egyptian era, when pharaos ruled.