Which cartoon character do you most identify yourself with?

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I think I identify myself with Woody from Toy Story. As Woody, I am very attached in my friends and family, and when someone new appears, at first moment I am a little bit jealously, but them everything returns at normal.
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Guybrush Threepwood... for those who know him ;)
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The character I identify myself with is Luffy from the anime One Piece. This character has taught me so many valuable life lessons since I was like 9 years old to this very day cuz I am still watching it :D,I guess this a kind of thing I'll never grow out of. My other favorite character is Goku from Dragon Ball Z an anime which was part of my childhood and whenever I rewatch it takes me back to my childhood days, no matter how many times I rewatch it never gets old. There are many others but these are the ones I could remember from the top of my head. I I get a real out of these ''cartoons'' I mentioned before. I mean, there are many other characters I'm entirely sure I left out from my text but these ones were I identified myself the most with (I'd rather use the term anime to refer to all japanese animations)

one thing I've taken from these cartoons which I find the most important of all is to ''never give up'' on your dreams. No matter how difficult the obstacle is always push forward always keep moving towards your dreams until they come true
I always enjoy Mickey Mouse.
I think I have a lot of resemblance to Charlie Brown, especially in my childhood.