Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

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I prefer spring, because it's not so hot and not so cold, and, although there isn't any difference between summer and winter, I like the day more colorful, with the flowers and trees... it would be better in the USA, but I like it, especially because it's almost the end of the year :D
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Avatar do usuário felipeh6 2205 7 54
I definetely prefer summer. It's better to practice some sports and it's the perfect time to go to the beaches. It's a really nice season to swim and also to have refreshing drinks and beverages. In this period of the year, you feel more free! In the other hand, when it's too much hot, of course, it's disgusting.
Avatar do usuário ENG_rafael 10
Well, I prefer spring, because as some people told above, it is neither so cold nor so warm, by this way, you have explications for all your choices... you may go out because the day is beatiful and you may stay home because it is a little cold and you have a good movie to see or you have a partner who you loved to be with by your side on the couch...
Summer is not so good because if you are a student you cannot think well, your brains doesn't work well, so you spend more time to do an easy activity which you would do without problems if is not so warm and there're not so mosquitoes flying around you :?

But, as your friend told above, in some parts of our country like Sudeste, there's not much differences between the seasons, as we can see in regions where it is temperate climate zone...

I prefer the winter because here in Anapu-transamazônica-Pará has a lot of dust and ends with the health of people.
I am fascinated by the cold. People are more beautiful, more charming and much more neat and fragrant.
My favorite season is winter.
My favorite season is the winter.
But in São Paulo Winter is crazy one day is very cold and drizzle a lot and in another day is warm with a good sun but keep the cold wind is very good.
Hello everybody! It's my first post in this Forum!

Well, I prefer the Winter, because it's cold. I like the low temperatures...

If my English isn't very good, I'm so sorry; I started learn English (in truth, since the 5th grade I know the language basics, but just in the last days I started with the really studies...) in the last week!
Avatar do usuário Lucas V. 15
Summer. :3

Because I like to travel with my family, I love sun and in summer we don't have to go to school. :D
I prefer summer, because we can go to the beach and it's the perfect time to practice some sports, specially swimming and volleyball.
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Avatar do usuário EugenioTM 335 9
I prefer winter, because:
- in this season rains less than the others, and I prefer dry trails to practice MTB Downhill.
- I just love the cold weather, it's very pleasant to see our mouths reeking at early morning and at night. Hanging around at the city is better too.