Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

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Avatar do usuário Nathan Menezes 85 3
I prefer spring, because have good flowers and things for doing. Don't have cold or heat, I like it.
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Ok, My favorite season is winter because here is very cold(I live at RS) and sometimes snow that's cool.
I ever prefer the summer because we can go to the beach, and a practice skateboard without worry the rain (sometimes have a summer rain) but in soon I go to Dublin, then I must get used with a really cold season!!
I do not have a favourite season. I like them all! :)
I prefer the winter :) Because it's so good, you can drink hot chocolat, you can stay under your blaket warm, stay attached with your lover, rs.
But, I prefer summer too, you know. You can eat ice cream, popsicle and staff.
You can go to the pool, swim a lot to stay fresh.
And of course, I coud'nt forget the spring, so full of flowers, haha, of course.
And I like too, the Fall, it's falling the leafs, and the winter is coming ! uhul !
For me the winter is the best season o/ Spring and fall are pretty cool too :)
But the summer is really bad haha Sometimes It is an unbearable sun here where I live :shock:
I prefer summer, because it makes me feel good :)
I feel happy and excited, not sleepy like now. lol
I love summer. It's the best season of the year for me because I live in Brazil where there are many beaches. I'm used to this kind of weather, beyond being great for pratices outdoor activities.
I like very the summer because have sun. I like very the summer because have sun and I have more disposition for to work to do sports to walk and in all place have people happy.
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Hi peoples
I like summer, because the weather is very great and the peoples find things differents for funny.