Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

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Nathan Menezes 85 3
I prefer spring, because have good flowers and things for doing. Don't have cold or heat, I like it.
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Ok, My favorite season is winter because here is very cold(I live at RS) and sometimes snow that's cool.

I ever prefer the summer because we can go to the beach, and a practice skateboard without worry the rain (sometimes have a summer rain) but in soon I go to Dublin, then I must get used with a really cold season!!

ruysoares 10
I do not have a favourite season. I like them all! :)

I prefer the winter :) Because it's so good, you can drink hot chocolat, you can stay under your blaket warm, stay attached with your lover, rs.
But, I prefer summer too, you know. You can eat ice cream, popsicle and staff.
You can go to the pool, swim a lot to stay fresh.
And of course, I coud'nt forget the spring, so full of flowers, haha, of course.
And I like too, the Fall, it's falling the leafs, and the winter is coming ! uhul !

For me the winter is the best season o/ Spring and fall are pretty cool too :)
But the summer is really bad haha Sometimes It is an unbearable sun here where I live :shock:
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I prefer summer, because it makes me feel good :)
I feel happy and excited, not sleepy like now. lol

Jéssica Sousa
I love summer. It's the best season of the year for me because I live in Brazil where there are many beaches. I'm used to this kind of weather, beyond being great for pratices outdoor activities.

I like very the summer because have sun. I like very the summer because have sun and I have more disposition for to work to do sports to walk and in all place have people happy.

Diego Nobre
Hi peoples
I like summer, because the weather is very great and the peoples find things differents for funny.

Aline Roberta Cruz

I prefer Winter, because I think is romantic! I like so much to wear winter clothes, I think the people stay more elegant, and i like drink wine, soup... eat a lot. :P

I prefer winter because has rain and cold and I like low temperatures.

Spring...temperatures are comfortable and we have some wind, here in Rio de Janeiro you can use a dress without feeling cold. Love it.

Hugo Yuji
When I was younger, I mean when I was a child, I loved the summer. Summer still being too beautiful, sunny and bringing happiness to me, but actually, it's too hot in Brazil to handle it. So, now I'd prefer Winter and Autumn.

Camila Sutter
I like the Summer because I love fashion and Summer clothes. And on the summer my skin stay so beautiful that I feel Happy. Btw, I love swimming and Is so good show the legs .

Winter FTW! By the way, have you ever listened Winter - Alegro non molto by Vivaldi? :D

I prefer Autumn. It is sunny, which I love, but is not hot or rainning like Summer is. When it is hot, I feel myself kind of lazy, and rain makes me sad. So Autumn is the best for me.

Marlon X19 1035 5 16
well, my favorite season of the year is Winter, I like more winter than spring or summer, because I like when it is cold when it is rainning, I like so much.


I prefer winter, because summer or spring the Weather sometimes is very hot, and I can't sleep even with fan turn on

Autumn. Love the leaves!

I am fond of summer, it is very pleasant in my country.

I Like Summer better because I live near the sea, and I love the beach, beach and winter don´t match! ;)

Winter, for sure,i love the cold, use coat. and also the cold weather it's so... comfortable!
But, this is my opinion.

Éwerton Magno
We have only two seasons in Ceará: Summer and Winter. It's supposed to have a difference between them, but it's not. Year after year, my state is getting hotter. Well, I like sunny days when I go to the beach. But now, I hope for rainy days.

Khadija Bint 70
I prefer summer, because I can go swimming, wear light clothes, have some soda with my friends after work...But, I like spring to, because I love receive some flowers!

Teacher Chris 130 1
Hello, this is Chris!

Well, I personaly prefer fall, because it's supposed to be a mild climate. I'm originally from a very hot city of the countryside of São Paulo. I've been living in the south for about ten years, and here some people complain about cold days, but I honestly love it. But if I had to pick just one, I would definitely choose fall. However, currently the weather is unpredictable and people say that we have all the seasons in one single day. Which is really true when you live in Curitiba.

*mild: gentle, temperate, nonirritating.

learningrafa 40 2
I prefer the winter. I feel so good in times of low temperatures... I've lived in the south of Parana for many years, so I like cold times!!

Mikaell 20
I prefer Winter, because isn't too hot, like the others season in my town
and because the mornings and nights are cold, and I love when the temperature
is low because I feel good, and I can use sweatshirt, because I like to use
sweatshirt and warm clothes because is my style, and use warm clothes
in high temperatures is for crazy people kkk'

Bill Sikes 790 1 1 18
Summer days are where it's at!!!

lucas.jien 10
For the ones who appreciate cool winds, cloud skies and romantic atmosphere, there's nothing more compatible than fall season.
In addition to this, chill weather motivates me. Sleeping hearing the rain makes me feel under the heaven's dome.
The fall is a lovable poem!

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