Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

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I prefer winter, cuz is cold, and good to sleep hahahaha
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I prefer summer because it's better do to outdoor activities like ride bicycle, play soccer, go jogging and also because the women seems to be more beautiful in the summer (I don't know why, maybe less clothes or the skirts they wear :P)
I love summer, because I love to go to the beach and summer is the best time for it.
I prefer winter because is very hot in my city. And I like to sleep listening to the rain sound.
I prefer Summer for 2 reasons:

1. I hate cold
2. I don't have to use lots of clothes during the day. I live in Santa Catarina and it is very cold in July and August. :(

I chose as my favorite season: winter! I moved to SP from Rio,I really miss the cold weather, especially on May, June.Rio State is to hot, especially where I live, unfortunately there's no beaches nearby. There's another reason, I love the clothes winters seasons.
I prefer winter because I love the cold temperature
I love summer because i don't need use many clothes and the people go To the beach and have fun!! Its very Nice
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I hate cold weather and I loathe hot weather. Then, I choose autumn and spring.
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Autumn. Because it' s not cold nor hot.