Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

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The Winter is Coming!
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I prefer winter. I hate summer in Rio de Janeiro
I prefer Spring because I associate with flower, birth, perfume.... :D
My favorite season is spring! I love the flowers and the sun. Everything is beautiful!
If I could choose, I would summon a winter that would last for a century. I just love the chilly breeze and the sun among clouds that winter brings. It is better to sleep and for physical activities. I just love me some cold weather!
Well, I hated the summer because of the rain, but I learned that is very important for us so, today I like it. But I like too autumn because in time cold I can sleep better.
Summer, Summer, Summer!!!
I hate felling cold! I have alergy to cold!
In summer I wake up with a big smille in my face!
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Well, I reckon I don't like winter but here in brazil The winter's not too cold, at least in my city, So my favorite season's Summer.
I prefer Summer, the sun, the weather, everythings makes me happy, when I wake up and see the sun, my day becomes better.
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I prefer the summer, because I like to practice sports, like ride my bike, and I love to go to the beach.