Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

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Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3960 1 9 90
Question: Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

Examples of answers:

- I prefer summer because I can spend more time outside, playing with friends or riding my bicycle,
- I like spring because it is neither too cold nor too warm,
- In my opinion, winter is the best season because no matter how cold you're feeling, you can always put more clothes on. When it is too warm I feel discouraged to do anything.
- People say we get more elegant wearing winter clothes. I do prefer not being that elegant at all. ;)

Now it’s your turn.
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Avatar do usuário Logan18 30
I like all of seasons, but I have to choice only one... So, I prefer summer, because in the summer you can see more beautiful women on the streets and on the beach! You can get out all day (it's not possible to someone who works), besides is more pleasurable doing all that you have scheduled to do in the summer like, to walk, to ride a bycicle and travel in the summer...
Avatar do usuário Nat 75 1 1
Winter rulezzzzzzzz!
I love winter, the reason is simple! It's cold enough to keep you at home, watching movies, tv (probably with your boyfriend)...and also is the best season to use your best clothes from your wardrobe! that ones you are not used to wear though the year, because Brazil is very hot, and you need to walk almost naked or you die! lol
am I convincing??? i hope so
Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12510 1 23 210
Talk about hot! In summertime Piauí things get so hot, raindrops literally evaporate halfway to the ground. Or you could have a beef tenderloin quite literally roasted on the sidewalk at midnoon, provided you have your shoes on. LOL! Okay. Bad joke, command or filename!
I prefer spring because its not too rainy like summer, neither too dry like winter.
I prefer the summer because it's better to work, people becomes more happy, more willing to have fun! I love it!
Every season has its pros and cons, but my favorite season is fall. It's quite dry, but temperatures are mild, and it will take months to the next hot days (I really don't like hot weather, hehe).
Avatar do usuário dlr 75
Here's a different perspective:

Where I'm from in the US, the hottest days in the summer can be around 35° while the coldest days in the winter often reach -20°!!! The lowest temperature that I've experienced is -30° and it's actually dangerous to go outside without enough clothing on! So, what ends up happening is, all life 'retreats' and everything slows down. Then when spring comes, the snow melts and everything suddenly comes to life again, and let me tell you, it is almost magical to see!

Right now it's spring, and everyone is in a good mood. It's the best season of the year for me.
Avatar do usuário mili 35
Well, for years I loved the summer, but now I am living in a different country and I have seen 4 seasons a year so it is difficult for me to decide with season I like most.

I can say that I love spring, because there are flowers and everything is green. I love to see the green/yellow of the trees and also the beautiful flowers all around. They smell so good. The weather is just fine. Not too hot, not too cold. On the other hand I like summer because it is the best time of the year to hang out with friends and enjoy the beautiful beaches, pools, etc. In Massachussetts the summer is not too hot like Florida, so I enjoy it a lot!. Well, I sometimes don't like when it is too hot because I can't stay outside that much.

The fall is just wonderful because I love to see all the colors...I love Massachussetts especially for that. Winter is the only season I don't enjoy that much. Some of my friends like to go skiing, but I don't like to play outside when it is too cold. So I am not into winter very much, but I do enjoy watching the snow falling down.
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Avatar do usuário Gustavo Dias 25
Actually, I don't have a preference of year seasons...
Each one have their benefits.
- SUMMER is very nice, because it's the season we go to the beach
- AUTUMN and SPRING is good because it's neither too cold, nor too hot... it's pleasant
- WINTER is good because we sleep good and comfortable, we can stay comfortable at home under our blanket...