Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

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Flavia.lm 3960 1 9 90
Question: Which season of the year do you prefer? Why?

Examples of answers:

- I prefer summer because I can spend more time outside, playing with friends or riding my bicycle,
- I like spring because it is neither too cold nor too warm,
- In my opinion, winter is the best season because no matter how cold you're feeling, you can always put more clothes on. When it is too warm I feel discouraged to do anything.
- People say we get more elegant wearing winter clothes. I do prefer not being that elegant at all. ;)

Now it’s your turn.
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I prefer winter, because summer or spring the Weather sometimes is very hot, and I can't sleep even with fan turn on

adriano78 980 1 19
I hate cold weather and I loathe hot weather. Then, I choose autumn and spring.

Alessandro159 5
I prefer summer, because we can go to the beach and it's the perfect time to practice some sports, specially swimming and volleyball.

Aline Roberta Cruz

I prefer Winter, because I think is romantic! I like so much to wear winter clothes, I think the people stay more elegant, and i like drink wine, soup... eat a lot. :P

beatriz lorrayne
I prefer the summer season, cause I like go to the beach or the waterfall with my friends.
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Hello everybody! It's my first post in this Forum!

Well, I prefer the Winter, because it's cold. I like the low temperatures...

If my English isn't very good, I'm so sorry; I started learn English (in truth, since the 5th grade I know the language basics, but just in the last days I started with the really studies...) in the last week!

Bill Sikes 790 1 1 18
Summer days are where it's at!!!

brunosb 10
I prefer winter because I like too much of the cold and I can stay wrapped in the blankets watching TV and having some hot tea.

see ya!!

Camila Sutter
I like the Summer because I love fashion and Summer clothes. And on the summer my skin stay so beautiful that I feel Happy. Btw, I love swimming and Is so good show the legs .

I prefer the fall, because the weather isn't too hot, neither too dry like the winter.
it's just perfect.

Camilla Gagliardi 10
My favorite season is spring! I love the flowers and the sun. Everything is beautiful!

Daniel K.
Every season has its pros and cons, but my favorite season is fall. It's quite dry, but temperatures are mild, and it will take months to the next hot days (I really don't like hot weather, hehe).

danilorpo 5
I prefer winter. And it's not because I live in a place where the weather is cold, on the contrary I've been spending my entire life in a city where the sunlight seems burn everything.
In the winter time I wake up cheerful to do things. People usually wear beautiful clothes. I think the winter is able to make people stay closer each other. At least I can stay closer to my wonderful wife and give her a big hug. I can drink a cup of wine, watch a good movie and so on.
I really don't like to sweat and in the summer time it happens all the time.
I think that's it.

I love summer because i don't need use many clothes and the people go To the beach and have fun!! Its very Nice

Diego Nobre
Hi peoples
I like summer, because the weather is very great and the peoples find things differents for funny.

dlr 75
Here's a different perspective:

Where I'm from in the US, the hottest days in the summer can be around 35° while the coldest days in the winter often reach -20°!!! The lowest temperature that I've experienced is -30° and it's actually dangerous to go outside without enough clothing on! So, what ends up happening is, all life 'retreats' and everything slows down. Then when spring comes, the snow melts and everything suddenly comes to life again, and let me tell you, it is almost magical to see!

Right now it's spring, and everyone is in a good mood. It's the best season of the year for me.

Donay Mendonça 58270 21 98 1392
Hi Folks,

I like winter best,especially because I'm sensitive to the heat.I really can´t stand hot weather.


Emanuel On-line 1155 1 4 17
I prefer summer, because I love swimming and surf. And you?

ENG_rafael 10
Well, I prefer spring, because as some people told above, it is neither so cold nor so warm, by this way, you have explications for all your choices... you may go out because the day is beatiful and you may stay home because it is a little cold and you have a good movie to see or you have a partner who you loved to be with by your side on the couch...
Summer is not so good because if you are a student you cannot think well, your brains doesn't work well, so you spend more time to do an easy activity which you would do without problems if is not so warm and there're not so mosquitoes flying around you :?

But, as your friend told above, in some parts of our country like Sudeste, there's not much differences between the seasons, as we can see in regions where it is temperate climate zone...


I prefer spring because its not too rainy like summer, neither too dry like winter.

EugenioTM 345 10
I prefer winter, because:
- in this season rains less than the others, and I prefer dry trails to practice MTB Downhill.
- I just love the cold weather, it's very pleasant to see our mouths reeking at early morning and at night. Hanging around at the city is better too.

fabianaars 10
I love the summer!
The reasons are very simple! I like the sun, to feel the heat in my skin. I hate colds days, so ... For me, the summer wins!!! zo/

felipeh6 2240 7 55
I definetely prefer summer. It's better to practice some sports and it's the perfect time to go to the beaches. It's a really nice season to swim and also to have refreshing drinks and beverages. In this period of the year, you feel more free! In the other hand, when it's too much hot, of course, it's disgusting.

Ok, My favorite season is winter because here is very cold(I live at RS) and sometimes snow that's cool.

Flávia Gabriela
Spring! Because i love the colors of flowers, and the blue sky! And birds, and bees! All people gathering toghether in the corner of the restaurants and bars! The charming dresses and everybody spending their time at the parks. The smiles are more frequently, and laughs. Shows combine more outdoors. Blossoms! I love it!

Summer, Summer, Summer!!!
I hate felling cold! I have alergy to cold!
In summer I wake up with a big smille in my face!

Winter, for sure,i love the cold, use coat. and also the cold weather it's so... comfortable!
But, this is my opinion.

Gustavo Dias 25
Actually, I don't have a preference of year seasons...
Each one have their benefits.
- SUMMER is very nice, because it's the season we go to the beach
- AUTUMN and SPRING is good because it's neither too cold, nor too hot... it's pleasant
- WINTER is good because we sleep good and comfortable, we can stay comfortable at home under our blanket...

Gustavo Lemes
The Winter is Coming!

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