Which soccer team do you believe will win 2010 Brasileirão?

Which soccer team do you believe will win 2010 Brasileirão?
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Flavia.lm 1 10 100
Question: Which soccer team do you believe will win 2010 Brazilian National Soccer Championship (Brasileirão)?

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  • This is not going to be São Paulo this year because they've already got many! It's time for them to give a chance to other teams! :D
  • According to recent statistics, it will be Cruzeiro - I'm just toadying to Cruzeiro fans. ;)
Now it's your turn!
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Alessandro 3 13 100
Cruzeiro, of course!
felipeh6 7 58
I would like that Internacional of Porto Alegre could win it, but it is improbable. So, I think Cruzeiro will win it.
I guess Santos will win this Brasileirão... It seems very impossible, but Neymar is in a well time and it is enough to encourage all players of Santos in order to a perfect sequence of matches :!:
Hi folks!

I still believe Corinthians will win!

Cruzeiro. The best team in the world!
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I don't like soccer, then that the best win. I'm nether who's playing.
Hello everybody! I'm still new for here, even I've registered last year, but now I'm getting courage to participate here with all of you!

I must to say that I really would that my Mengão win again this year, but I know that's tottaly impossible.. In this case, I wish that Cruzeiro be the winner this year! (just to make happy Alessandro!) ;)

That's all! Thanks for this space! Many good things we can find here!

Hugs and best wish for all of you,
Felipe Ferrugem!
Flavia.lm 1 10 100
Folks, Brasileirão is in its final stretch, it's time to bet!