Which superhero would you like to be? Why?

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Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
tomas escreveu:Spider Man!!
He is the only superhero who has to pay bills, study and make money.Besides, I love Mary Jane and as Murilo said if I had her I'd do so many thing(kkkkk)


The only nitpick that I can see is that you need to add a "s" after thing to make it plural and then a period to end the sentence. I trust that both were typos. ;)
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Avatar do usuário Dude Spell 135 2

He can fly and is as strong as Superman but, unlike Clark Kent, Goofy doesn't need to use glasses to hide his superhero identity (I hate wearing glasses, I have been wearing it for 22 years!) Still, he is incapable of being recognized because of his inconspicuous face.

Supergoof has the most well-designed costume of all superheroes, in an emergency he only has to undo two buttons and thus he is free to do what he needs to do.

Besides, Supergoof doesn't have to pay his bills and doesn't have to share his girlfriend with Murilo and Tomas... which is a very distressing thought.

Supergoof has to eat chocolate coated peanuts to get his superpowers, but this hard work has its rewards, he is the most effective superhero ever created.

Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110
Hey Dude,

The only suggestions I have about your post are, glasses are a pair and therefore plural so you should have written, "(I hate ... I have been wearing them for ... years.)" and the other suggestion is that you really need to get a better looking superhero, if you want any chance at a girl. ;) :lol:
Avatar do usuário ENG_rafael 10

I would like to be some superheroes, because I have spent my whole life realizing that I am weak and uncapable to change this world, as all being humans. Having a quite strong and powerfull body like Superman would be amazing, since I could protect people and also be even stronger than anyone for a little selfishness. On my first youth, I wanted to be Batman, due to the same reason I would like to be Superman, but after I started growing up, that one became more interesting to me than this one.

Recently, I have been thinking about how great would be if I was some pretty clever heroe and how great contributions could rose by this possibility, but unfortunately I cannot mention someone because I don't know anyone who is like that. Well, I think it is all.

Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12430 1 22 210
Having super genes, Superman would probably generate super babies. Imagine what one would do inside an Earth woman's womb. It would kick hard and probably rupture the womb. (Yes, that might seriously injure the woman.) No telling what else super babies would do. Just to illustrate, I imagine them lifting tables and flying erratically around the house at the earliest stages, hitting the neighbor's Pitbull dog so hard it might land across the street, and hurling heavy objects such as a car tire or old dusty couches would constitute most of his frolicsome way of playing. Well, they could do a lot more than this ESL speaker can imagine.
Avatar do usuário Dude Spell 135 2
Marcio_Farias escreveu:Having super genes, Superman would probably generate super babies. Imagine what one would do inside an Earth woman's womb. It would kick hard and probably rupture the womb.

Probably, the winner spermatozoon would miss the ovum and fertilize the moon. Poor woman... :shock:
Hello Everyone!
I would like to be the Wolverine, He's the biggest superhero in my opinion, by the way he has those claws that is so nice and i like so much.
Why would i like to be him? Because He's made of iron and his skin regenerates, so should be good be like that.
But this opinion that i have is only preference, because i like the others superheros and i think that Wolverine is as strong as the others superhero, but i like him and i would like to be him.
Well althought Venon (spiderman´s enemy) isn´t a hero and is more like a vilain he is my favourite charecter in comics related with superheros
Everybody wants to be a superhero. When I was a child my favourite hero was Wonder Woman. However, nowadays i think it is so silly :? I wanna be a superhero: speaking english will be my special ability. :lol:
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Avatar do usuário Izabella Bruno 630 3 10
When I was a child I used to dream about being the Jean Grey -X man- because she flies and she does not let people touch her if she want, I don't know, I like this, I feel protected!