Who's your favorite actor or actress?

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My favourite actor is Tom Hanks
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About the international actors and actresses, I like Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Lautner, Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Cloë Grace Moretz, Kate Hudsom, and so on...
About the national actors and actresses, I like Isabela Santoni, Isabelle Drummond, Sophia Abrahão, Chay Suede, Tatá Werneck, and so on...
OH, my God!!! I love many people... but the youngs are in the top of my list.
I like Jim Carrey, he it's very funny!!
My favorite actor is Will Smith.
My favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr. And my favorite actress is Anne Hathaway!
My favorite actor would have to be Jack Nicholson, the man is a genius! 'The Shining' is among one of best movies I've seen and Nicholson was irreproachable there. Among actresses, Vivien Leigh would take the crown - she was insuperable in 'Gone with the Wind' and even more so in 'A Streetcar named Desire'.
My favorite actor is Will Smith, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston