Why do people lie?

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I firmly believe that lying is a consequence of our own nature, which is superficial and vain. For sure, as someone told above, we always have the choice, at least should, to tell the truth, however sometimes there's a situation or an atmosphere leading us to a kind of pressure that makes us unconfortable to deal with the truth. I don't think that we always are able to tell the truth, because it can hurt someone else or even not be necessary. It would be a lot better if we think truly what is more important in order to make a good thing to the ones we are dealing with, to edify them and make their joy. I'm not saying that we must lie whenever we guess in order to make someone feels okay, I'm just saying we must think seriously about the effects of some truths in our dears.

For me, that idea about telling the truth no matter what results in a huge misunderstanding of our obligations regarding to being truly people. Straightforward people don't make others feel bad, at least not desnecessarily. Those look for the benefits to these, at first.
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I don´t know why do people lie, but one thing's for sure : everyone lies in life!
All of us lie... The lie is a shield, and we lie even to ourselves. Have you ever made yourself a question and got a perfectly honest answer? Lie is a defense!!


I´m not addicted about lie, but I use it, every day just like every one!!!
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If we didn't lie we wouldn't be acting according to our nature. The person we lie to the most is ourselves -- fortunately or not.
Because they are afraid of what people will think of who she really is.
"I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth"

We usually lie, (all of us) because telling the truth would bring us some unexpected consequence. However, we can find a manner to make a lie be less hurting to others.
Depending on the matter and the occasion we generally are forced to lie in order to prevent moral damage to the other person. (The truth is that everybody lie.). When a politician is performing a political speech he usually don't tell the whole truth, because by doing it, he wouldn't get votes. Then, he's forced to lie.
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Hello everybody.

Because it is often difficult to speak the truth or accept it, either out of shame, fear, happy to brag to someone else, try to pretend a different yourself or for fear of hurting someone and image etc ... That is the reason: not accept the truth. The lie is pure illusion. There is a saying:
The truth is like oil in water, no matter how she tries to hide it will appear.
A hug!
Hello Folks!

I believe that sometimes we have to lie to someone because the situation made us it, but of course that we can't to do this everytime, i think that whatever is the problem, even an issue we must to tell the truth, because i guess that if you are sorry about something that you've done to someone is better because that person could forgive you perhaps.
The peoples lie because if feel fear,embarrasing,or no have corage for speak a true, this is bad,because give wrong early or later and over hurt others people, and trust if over too. :geek:
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Because sometimes they don't want to hurt the other peoples hearts.I guess It's could be a good thing to lie to protect someone too.