Why is she important to you?

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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12430 1 22 210
Oh women! Without them we males would die soon.

And soon would we dye a blue over a yellow,
Gladly upping and thinking of the next fellow.
What would we males do without women,
Ladies whose voices we hear so mellow.
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Avatar do usuário ENG_rafael 10
Hey Bill,

I aprecciated your reply, thanks for your attention!

There is something that I am not sure about. You wrote "...to deal with since I have had her presence..." May I write "... easier to deal because of her presence..." in order to sound natural too?

And that correction, "...lived for my brothers and me..." rather than the opposite order. In this case, is it always supposed to put the others before me? Or not, is it just a better manner to express that idea?

See you!
Avatar do usuário w.slayman 110

Excellent questions with the answers being yes in both cases.
Avatar do usuário ENG_rafael 10
Bill, thanks for your help!
See you!
she is my dream
Avatar do usuário Sypher 955 1 1 24
I haven't an important woman in my life but I'd say that they are important because without them our civilisation would end. And the opposite is also truth.
Because she does everything for me to be happy.
The most important woman in my life is my daugther. I'm so thankful to God because I have an wonderful child. Beautiful, intelligent, good-humored, obedient and so much affectionate! She and my son are the reason of my life. I'd give my life for them. Of course she make some mess sometimes, but it's normal to kids. All in the limit. They're a really good children! (sorry but I can't say about my daughter without mention my son, rs)

And I can't let mention my mom. My beloved mom. She does everything for me. She is my advisor, my friend, my support. She stood by me when I most needed a friend in a complicated moment in my life.

Concluding: I have amazing women in my life, even though they are few.