Why, when and how did you start studying English?

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danilorpo escreveu:Why, when and how did you start studying English?

Let's to answer this question!

In my case, I've started to study English when I was 12. However, in that time I wasn't really interested in studying English. I've studied for 2 years. After that, I gave up to study this language. It's been twelve years ago. Two years ago, I've decided to return to my english class. I got ticked off, becuase I had to go to basic level, I was a upper intermediate level. Although I had got angry, it helped me to focus in learning the language. Now, I'm in advanced level again.

It's extremely important to know a foreign language, because every country is linked each other. And English is the most used language in meetings, contracts and something else.

I think there isn't a better way to study any language, because each person has you own way. For example. I'm addict in movies and series, but I'm not good with songs... I have a difficult in understand what people are singing...

I think that's it for today.
I hope it helps you all.

By the way, Happy Easter!

Ten years without english is fooooooooooorever! Man, are you kind of loony? Anyhow, I am happy you returned studying english, and I do hope you won't quit it again.

Best wishes!

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I started studying English because my parents wanted to when I was 8 years old, in 1986. I studied 4 years, then I stopped. After 2 years I saw that I really enjoyed that and I came back to my studies so far. But I really started learning English after my 15 years old when I really had conversation classes and many exercises to prepare and do...Then I did Modern Language and so... I am here! Trying to improve it every day because it´s my job, it´s part of my life now! I still have a lot to learn and here I am learning with everybody, thanks you all folks :D
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I started studing English at Wizard since Febuary 2005, and nowadays I'm at Book 10 (the last book).
Well, I started studing english for two reasons:

The first point is beacause I have studied computer science on university and the good materials in this area are almost 100% in english. Also that, english is a need to look jobs on informatic area.
The second point is because I want to know the world and I don't want anyone speaking for me. I want to express my opinions with my own words.
Since I was a teen I like english because I love an american singer, so I started to study, but Only now I'm studying deeply.
English is very important in our life, principally in our professional life. The competition in the work makes us want to be different.
I'd like to learn english more day after day.
I began studying english because I like so much and I always wanted learn about another language . I ve been studying for 05 years and I get a little ancious to talk fluently because my goal is work in a big company and use what I´ve been learning ...
I have started studying English 2 years ago when I was 17 years old. I have started it because I was working in a company which provide qualified workers to a multinational company and I knew how important it was if I wanted to apply some vacancy at the multinational company. Firstly, I studied at Fisk for 6 months in 2008 (from Jan to June) and I really didn't like its method, even not the teacher. Then, I decided to leave from Fisk and I was looking for another English school (better than Fisk), so, my co-worker told me about a private teacher who he has had lessons for many years and I called him and I did an interview. He is so clever and nice and I've been studying with him till' today. I think I can write better than listen to someone speaking. So, on November, 15th 2008 I applied to a vacancy at the multinational company and I've been working there till' today too. I am so happy because everything is OK in my life (less my account bank.. hahaha)

Hope you can understand my text. :D

Edit: If I made some mistakes, please let me know. ;) Thanks.
why i started, its a good question.. guess im tired, to speak only one language, now
i want go any further than portuguese can lend me. When i started,
im not sure, i think, first time was in primary school, but, when i really decided to start study, was some years ago,
like 5 probably, when i was fifteen. So, i never really studied, thats why i think im luck/lazy,
all i know actually, was learned with some american friends, that helped me a lot,
im very grateful to everyone, who made my english even better. And, now im trying to improve my english,
by learning some rules, that i left behind, new words.. and here i am, in the forum trying to study [ my way ],
making my english gets better.

i starded studying in 2008 becouse i always wanded learn english´.
I was in my house and may sister called to me and asked ""let's go learn english with me "" I didn't think more two
time and started.
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So, I guess everybody here knows that market demands is getting largest, a mostly of the biggest companies in the world are located here in Brazil. That's why I decided to start my studies concerning the English language, I'm not too good as I wanted, but everything comes to time and dedication... I have started my studies 3 months ago, and I'm keeping up my good job and studying as much as I can, Now I'm working at a canadian company and I am ensuring that I need to learn english for I can develop myself and develop a good work here. I've noticed that's just not important for you work nowadays, you can use this for have a fun with your friends, when you go travel abroad...
Our reality take us to do crazy things and today my crazy thing is learning English I've never liked to study in spite of get good grades at school. Today I'm here glad to share my little knowledge with all of you.

I'm greatful specially at Donay and Flávia you help me a lot.