Why, when and how did you start studying English?

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I always liked English, but I just started study very hard English in 2014. I study English on the net, and in an English course here in my city. At least, I started study English because it's very interesting, fun, and it permits me get more knowledge.
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Hmm... Actually, I started studying English when I was 16, but I wasn't so ''got used'' with the language and to be honest I didn't even know how to study it on my own. It was so frustrating, I swear, lol; So, I always slacked off studying grammar and watching movies that weren't appropriate to my level and that always brought me down, it was like a bomb that had blown me off because I was completly lost in my learning. My real intention when I started learning English it was because I wanted to become a Polyglot, and this is my main goal.
6 months later (This took place in 2012) I stopped to study English and started with Spanish 'till December 4, 2014 (I speak Spanish fluently nowadays). However, I always faced English as an important language which people ought to learn because it opens up good opportunities to our bussiness life and moreover gives us a deep insight about the World, so by learning English (or any other language) we get more involved with new stuff and new experiences. I must say I'm learning English for 4 months now.
I start studying English when I was 13 years, because I was going to start this new subject in school.
I always enjoyed to learn languages. I studied in several different courses in my country, Brazil. In 2006, I needed to move to US. Since 2006 I had studied in class to immigrants and free online English classes too. I have to improve my conversation and grammar now.
Hello, everyone!

Answering the quequestion, I started studying English because of my needs at school researching papers.

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Well, when I was fourteen years old, I found a very interesting book of english. This book was a perfect way to start the studies, because his questions were very cool. I wanted understand a new language, and the english was perfect, because I was in love with the american musics and movies. In the beginnig, I used books and dictionaries, and now I use international sites, movies, musics, videos and so on...
I never had a english teacher. I study only and I won't give up. My dream is speak english and if you have a dream, you can do it!! :D :D :D
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I started learning English four and a half years ago: I was in college and I had just found out that I would need it for some of the subjects there. Slightly bewildered by that revelation, I decided I should do something.

In the following month, I did a placement test for a language course provided by the university and I was placed at a pre-intermediate level. Before that, I had never been to a language school; I had learned everything I knew regarding English by watching sitcoms.

After I finished my 2-year course, I studied by myself for another two years and now I'm taking a proficiency course in order to take the CPE [Cambridge Proficiency Exam].

English was my favorite subject at school, in 2010 when i had the opportunity... i started to study in a simple course, simple but good course. After seven months studying there, the course went out of business and i had to stop with english.
Two years later i started to study in an other course not so good ( it was a false advertising) but.. ok
Just a few months to end the course that i did have the internet on my side. Talking to foreigners i could improve my english much in few weeks... so, my advancement was a great incentive to keep me up.
Since then i've been studying at home and with a private teacher. I still have MUCH to improve but.. i'm happy!

I started to study English , end of 2011, because I wanted to understand the songs, and I thought I should learn to use at some future trip. I study in a course until today and it's very difficult learn with peoples that you aren't know, especially at the beginning. The teachers changes every semester. And just watching movies, trainning with music and studyng by myself that I got best result. But If I were start all over again, I'll study with music, movies and I'll try to do short texts with much frequency.

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For a long time ago I hated English. I had a friend that learning english and he always show me how is wonderful talking in english.

In this period ( 2007) I started play a RPG game in english. It's called Chrono Trigger. So, i continue try to understand the history with "Google Tradutor" helping me.

Then my mother put me in a English Course at a ONG. I study by one year, after my Mother send to another English Course at CNA (Private School) and I stayed by 6 months.

Nowadays I'm still learning english by myself. Reading, Listening and Typing this texts in EE. And sometimes I study little Russian. :)