Why, when and how did you start studying English?

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I started when I was playing video-games and I didn't understand anything, then I took the dictionary and started to study, about 5 years ago. After I have started to see movies and pay more attention when I was listening music.
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I started studying english 7 months ago. I put it on my mind that I'd do an English course though I'd never liked english so much before that. But I realise that as I started my classes and the time passed, I was getting more and more interested in the language. So, now I'm here, improving my skills everyday on this forum which has been helping soo much and learning new words every day.
My first contact with English happened at school. At time, I didn't like much English, because I didn't have good teachers. But I always liked Video Games and it's was that kept me in contact with the language. At University I started a English course, but I had to take a break of my English studies. So, since august I'm studying English again, because I want do a interchange to New Zealand.
Well, that was back in 1995. I hated English at the time. I was 11/12 years old, and I was on the 6th grade in school. Anyways, that year I had an English teacher that completely changed the way I thought about the language. I never understood the point of learning English or any other language, and the previous teachers I had could not show me a good reason.

I really wish I remembered that teacher's name. Memory is not my greatest strength. And I wish I'd see her around somewhere to thank her. Not only I realized that learning English was fun, but it opened many doors for me.

At that time, 1995, I used to write letters to people in English. I never sent those letters, some people went real. LOL. So I'd show some to my teacher and she'd correct them and give me hints. In 1998 I started taking classes at CNA and then individual classes for a couple of years more. Around 1998 I had contact with the Internet for the first time and then I'd join English chats and contacting people around the world. Good memories.
I had a little contact with english through listenning to music and playing computer games. I'm studying because I like it, but the first reason to start studying was to improve my professional skills. I've studied for 2 years at Excellent Global, but few months ago I realized a necessity to practice english in my routine. So, I started to live the language, reading news, studyng lyrics, thinking in english, watching videos, watching interviews and thing like that. I belong to a indie rock band (just musics in english) as a guitar player and backing vocal, and as a frontman in some songs. I guess I'm in the right way...