Why, when and how did you start studying English?

I guess I started to study english when I borned. Seriously, it's since always. But that doesn't mean I'm good hahaha
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I've been studing English for a long time. When I started listen international music, I tryed understand what lyrics was talking about, this way I collected a extensive vocabulary. Now I'm studying harder to learn English in this year by myself!
I like studying English since I was a child. ;)
Actually, I started studying just to understand the movies.
I beggin to study when I was a child. And all a human beings need to study because is the aproved way to increase a knowlegement.
I started studying english because I intend to be a reporter. It was in 2010 at Fisk school. Today I´m upper intermediate and I love it!
I like English since I was a child. My mother couldn't afford to pay for a course I strove in school! I grew up and decided I wanted to be an English teacher but I had a lot of pressure and chose law. Big mistake!!
Today, I'm finishing the course and can't wait to get into the college of letters...
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I got bad grades in school. At best, I have only learned the verb to be and the colors. Because this, I didn't like English for along time. I started in 2009 after my father enroll me on the Engliah's course without I know,I hate it but who said I have a choice? Just one or two years after I began to really like it. Today I love this language, use in my day-to-day, intend to make exchanges in coming years and even laughed a lot with my father because of this story.
I´ve been studying english since 4 years ago, because I ever liked the language and because it´s very important in my work.
Well, I love English! Since I was a child I feel so much enchanted with this language. I'm very musical and I sang songs in English and wanted to learn more about it. So I studied on a school, took lessons on courses and particular teachers. Nowadays I'm studying by myself.
I've started in my childhood , my parents needed to made me busy, cause I used to be a hyperactive child. rsrsrs... But I didn't try hard enought, and can't made a great progress....
Nowadays I decided to restart my learning progress, and here I am!!! hehehe
Since I was a little boy, because I always loved the american culture like songs, series... and I'm a curious person so I try to learn english by myself, of course I don't try to learn all the things in the english languague but I have Wanted to learn the basic of the languague, and Last Year I Started a English Course at Fisk, because is My dream study or live in another country (USA, England, French, Japan or Canada). Well, at fisk I learned a lot of things. Now I'm taking two books (4 and 5) simultaneously and I'm very proud because I think that I can do that, because I'm the best student in my classroom from the 4 book, and honestly I think that I also the best student in the class from the book 5, but of course, my classmates from book 5 also are very good.
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I started studying English when I was ten years old, because I won a scholarship. I studied english for four years, then I stoped, I didn't have time to go to the classes. :/
I started studying English when I was 13 years old, in 1997. I kind of got interested because of a friend, who had started language school already. However, my mom was much more concerned about it than me.
I started studying english in 2008 because is necessary learn this language. Nowadays, I have been learned to like english. In the next month I will finish a regular english class of one year. I still have a lot of difficult with english, especially with writting and listening. I want to improve my english.
I started this adventure when I was 8! I've always enjoyed playing Sonic Games, but I never understood what they say. Since I decided learning, I've been discovering new worlds. It's also required to my current work (webdesigner). And after reading game scripts, I've also tried on musics. It's so amazing! :D
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It was in 2010, I was in 8th grade... I started listening to some american songs, then I realized their language was so cool, I mean, their accent was incredible... I started to learn on my own basically even though I had english class in school.
As the time went by I fall in love with english! Now-a-days I am already able to speak english :D
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I'm study english, because is the necessity for personal and professional and when I entered in college I won a scholarship to learn English.
I've won a scolarship of the government for three years of English. Before it I already liked English, I used to have the best grades in the whole school and always trying to speak, and after I won it I start to learn a lot and practice it. Now a days, I'm in the 3rd year and I consider myself a good speaker and, of course I can get better, a lot of more interest in this language. But I keep getiing better...
I decided to study because I like Inglês Inglês, I intend to travel to disney and I will work using the english.Eu started studying this language three years ago in a language course.
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I started because I used to like to read comic books but hadn't money to buy them. Then I found out that I could download them but only in english (there weren't translations from the ones I liked). So I began to study using internet and downloaded lots of courses and methods.

Today I'm studying japanese the same way and for the same reason :D
I started studying English when I went to live in NY in my childhood, I lived there for 5 years and I was fluent in english. Unfortunatly, after I came back to Brazil, I did not practice anymore, I lost interest and I forgot almost 40% of what I knew. I regret a lot not have continued studying an practicing, because if I did, now it would be so much easyer. But now I am trying to get it back toguether using this wonderfull site to study, and I can say it is helping me a lot.
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I started Studing English for my Job and i'm studing English a long time a ago too
My father was always in love with the language and he was an English speaker therefore. When I was about 5, he introduced some words to me, made me repeat them, put songs for me to listen, and some Disney movies' partially in English. That's how I began to fall in love with English. When I was 8, he put me in an English course and I coursed it for ten years. At the end of it I coursed "teaching course" with the methodology of the course I was in and turned into a teacher.

There's not a day when I'm not in love with the language.
Why? Because I wanted to know to sing in English!;
When? I was 12 I was in elementary school;
How? Translating songs!
I stated at age nine, I always wanted learn another language, whaterever it'd be. But I have woe lack of learning since 2008, because I stopped going English classes and I had not practice all this time. Nowadays I'm twenty-years old.
PS: except for watching films and some forums ( including this one) I'm not exercising my English. :/
Well, I starting my study in 2013, certainly in january of 2013, I start because I love this language and She Can better my professional development. I love it, Movie Series in English, But I have that better more my listen. I hope that one day I can watching Movies in English, without of subtitles.

bye... See you later.
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I've been studying English for almost two years, but I never made course I always studied by myself.That idiom is wonderful and I love study English . For me English is my ticket for sussecs .
When I was about 15 I started studies in technology, and all commands were in english. Although I have done some courses, I was used to studying by myself. I have always been delighted with the pronunciation of english in the movies, most of the songs that I've heard were in english, so I learned the lyrics of the songs I liked till get to sing by myself, and I'm always learning.
Well, I have always liked the English language. My favorite bands are from the U.S.A. and England, this is why I wanted to learn English, to understand what they were singing. Therefore I started my English classes and have been studying the language for four years. So, I have been trying to improve my pronunciation, reading and writing trough e-books, audios and EE, all apart from my regular English class.

See ya! :D
Well, I started studying english in 2011. I studied for two years straight, I'd barely skip any class, but then I dropped out last year. Ever since I've been studying by myself as well as a playing video games, which are excellent teachers too.

And I dream of living in California (Los Angeles specifically) one day, so I'll try to reach my goal.